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Mahalo platform
Mahalo platform

Digital Healthcare Software: The First All-in-one Decentralized Clinical Research and Digital Therapeutics (DTx) Platform

Take the hard work out of building, scaling & maintaining regulated digital health products and services.
Mahalo platform

Digital healthcare platform trusted by great companies

The forward-looking eClinical software platform

Your research lives and dies by the quality and quantity of the data you collect. Like other modern research platforms, Mahalo provides decentralized clinical studies, which improve data collection, patient recruitment, and patient retention while saving you time and money. What makes Mahalo different from other eClinical platforms is how we think about the intersection between clinical research and digital therapeutics.

What if your study is the drug?

Imagine transforming your research into a digital health product that solves a leading health system problem at scale.
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Personalized regimens

Patient-specific prescription selection, treatment evolution, and holistic lifestyle regimen
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Treatment adherence improvement

Patient compliance with beyond-the-pill solutions for behavior monitoring
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Behavior change programs

Content, coaching, and personalized lifestyle tips that treat or reverse chronic conditions
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Readmission rate reduction

Purpose-built programs keep patients healthy who are at high risk for hospital readmissions
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Adverse event detection

Real-time monitoring and flagging of adverse events requiring immediate treatment
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Remote patient monitoring

Real-time epidemiology, population health, and patient tracking
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Value-based healthcare

Treatment selection, administration, and reimbursement based on measured outcomes
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Disease prediction / diagnosis

Data-driven AI detects and predicts diseases for early medical interventions
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Real-world evidence / data

Collect high-fidelity, longitudinal data to improve treatment and value delivery
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Unify care ecosystems

Manage disease across devices, drugs, care providers, health systems, and other stakeholders
Working on a digital health product?

Develop novel digital therapies in months

Bring your digital health offering to market in 3-6 months with Mahalo’s programmable, mobile-first digital therapeutics development platform.

What are digital therapeutics?

Digital therapeutics are a new class of drugs that doctors prescribe and insurance covers. These digital therapy apps will become more common in the coming years because they’re proven to help patients make lasting behavior and lifestyle changes that improve health outcomes.

Why use Mahalo’s DTx development platform?

Save months or years of development effort when you use Mahalo’s digital therapeutics development platform. Deliver statistically significant patient behavior change when you focus on your DTx content and workflow, allowing the Mahalo DTx platform to handle your app’s compliance, notification, communication, diary, microlearning, and connected device features. With Mahalo, you can create a standalone digital therapy or one that’s prescribed with a drug, complete a study, and work towards FDA approval for your digital drug.

Trust, security, and compliance

We take security and compliance seriously. Architected by a 20-year veteran of McAfee and other leading cybersecurity providers, Mahalo is compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11, ICH E6 GCP, GDPR, and HIPAA. Google Cloud Platform (GCP), our cloud infrastructure provider, is ISO27001 and ISO9001 certified.


21 C.F.R. Part 11


Two platforms — one competitive price

Are you just looking to check a box with a standard clinical research system? Then, you should consider the other systems on the market. But, we have a feeling you’re a researcher who wants to change the world. If we’re right, the Mahalo clinical research platform is the only option worth considering.
Learn how you can access our clinical research and digital therapeutics development platforms for the same cost as a standalone eClinical platform.
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