Behavior Change Engine for Digital Health

Generalized behavior change methods don’t work

It’s clear that poor lifestyle choices cause many of today’s leading chronic health problems, but getting people to change their behavior is challenging. Some patients can quit drinking cold turkey when told to do so by their doctor. Most patients need continual guidance from groups like alcoholics anonymous. Behavior change is a long-term continuous battle that’s different for each patient. The current approach of having doctors lecture patients for five minutes about healthy habits and leaving them with informational pamphlets doesn’t work.

The Personalized behavior intervention promise

Because each patient responds differently to behavior and lifestyle change recommendations, you need an engine that provides personalized guidance and long-term support. The Mahalo behavior change engine builds on that premise. The platform mixes notifications to boost engagement with live one-on-one coaching sessions.

Define success metrics for your patient population

  • Set min and max values for patient biomarkers
  • Configure reduction or elimination goals
  • Adjust how often biomarkers can be outside a specified range
  • Group and cohort goals keep some patients motivated

Measure what works for each patient

  • Some patients require daily coaching sessions
  • Others respond to shocking lessons
  • Personalized cause and effect visualizations motivate others
  • Other patients change their ways for monetary rewards
  • Most patients respond to a combination of tactics
  • The recipe is different for each individual

Automate intelligent individualized programs

  • Create multiple behavior change programs
  • Group content together in logical patterns
  • Automate the content each patient receives
  • Algorithms individualize content based on each patient’s progress
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Observe insights to improve programs continually

  • Measure what works and what doesn’t
  • Rework content or programs with low success rates
  • Model new content on programs that work the best
  • Drill into data on the group and individual patient level
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