Digital Prescription Software for Digital Therapeutics (DTx)

Turn on insurance revenue

Insurance now covers FDA-approved digital therapies, but technical integrations are required to make it easy for doctors to prescribe your DTx. If you’re building a custom DTx, you need to integrate with all leading electronic health records (EHRs) systems to make it easy for doctors to prescribe your digital therapy. The Mahalo digital prescriptions software already connects to all major EHRs like Cerner and Epic. When you build your DTx on Mahalo, you just need to turn on your revenue stream.

Clinician optimized digital prescription experience

  • Prebuilt integrations with leading EHRs
  • Allow doctors to prescribe you DTx via their EHR interface
  • Workflows to handle insurance billing and claims
  • Automate monthly billing for digital therapy subscriptions
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Automatic patient enrollment

  • Patients get an SMS or email link to your DTx
  • Strong patient authentication with a simple experience
  • Send magic links patients use to log in to their account
  • Then, patients follow your digital therapy’s onboarding process

DTx app store for clinicians

  • Educate clinicians about the different DTx apps built on Mahalo
  • Allow clinicians to compare patient responses from competing DTx apps
  • Promote your DTx app to get noticed by more doctors
  • Provide live statistics on patient success rates

Monitor patient progress long-term

  • Clinicians access an app to monitor patient progress
  • Respond to patient questions
  • Check behavior change trends
  • View how lifestyle changes are impacting patient health

Outsource ongoing monitoring

  • Doctors offices can optionally outsource monitoring
  • Small offices save time and money on staffing
  • Mahalo provides coaches, clinicians, and nurses
  • Mahalo’s staff field questions
  • Doctors can still access patient trends and metrics
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