Lifestyle Questionnaires for Digital Therapeutics (DTx)

Patient data drives recommendations

Detailed information about each patient’s behaviors and lifestyle helps you make better recommendations that improve their condition. Patients get overwhelmed when you ask them 100 or more questions all at once, so you get more accurate data and provide your patients with a better experience when you ask your patients a few questions each day to better understand their habits.

Chat-like question and answer experience

Our questionnaires provide users with a chatbot experience that allows them to feel like they’re talking to their doctor. Since your patients use your DTx app regularly, you can break all the questions you want to ask your patients into question sets, which enables your users to answer them all at once or over the course of several app sessions.

Trigger questions at the right time

  • Get answers to your most important questions first
  • Ask a handful of questions during app onboarding
  • Ask a few more each day until you have all the answers
  • Schedule recurring daily, weekly, or monthly questions
  • Trigger question sets based on data your DTx collects
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Personalize programs and content

  • Increase engagement based on questionnaire responses
  • Move content and coaching sessions sooner
  • Start with critical poor health habits
  • Create personalized meal and activity plans

Designing questionnaires is a breeze

  • Drag and drop question builder
  • 12 form field types
  • Group questions into question sets
  • Easily create sequences, rules, and triggers
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Make data-driven changes to your programs

  • View patient and population analytics
  • Measure the sequences that work and those that don’t
  • Adjust recommendations as needed to improve results
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