Patient Compliance and Medication Management for Digital Therapeutics (DTx)

Medication do's and don'ts are overwhelming

You have to take this medicine three times a day within a 30-minute window. You can't eat green leafy vegetables with that medication. You'll likely die if you miss a single dose of that other medication you take. It's not just the one medication that patients take that makes it hard for them to comply with their doctor's instructions; it's the management of multiple drugs and the fast pace that doctors share treatment information that reduces success rates.

The current approach is daunting

  • Patients get instructions verbally within a few minutes of diagnosis
  • Written instructions are hard to follow and lack illustrations
  • Visual learners don’t absorb written informational content
  • Taking multiple medications is hard to manage
  • Dietary restrictions can be easy to forget

Medication compliance and management framework

Configure Mahlo's building blocks to manage one or multiple medications and common problems with adherence. Provide microlearning content to patients, so they can learn about their condition, medicine, and any lifestyle changes they need to make. Pill tracking tools remind patients when to take their medication and ensure they take the correct dosages.

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Medication tracking and reminders

  • Track one or more medications
  • Inventory pills, so patients don’t run out
  • Create daily pill schedules
  • Persistent automatic reminders
  • Reminder to eat food with some pills

Interactive patient education

  • Microlearning lessons teach patients about their medication
  • Watch interactive videos to review all information
  • Rewatch media easily from the app
  • Request live help from a lifestyle coach
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Reinforce recommended habits or dietary restrictions

  • Some medications require habit changes
  • Leverage Mahalo’s Behavior Change Engine
  • Recommend substitutions for foods patients can no longer eat
  • Track patient progress and provide continuous support

Measure and optimize programs for success

  • See how changes to content improve adherence
  • Design programs for patients with a high probability of hospital readmission
  • Test different pill reminder sounds and notifications
  • Optimize every aspect of your adherence program
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