Randomization and Shipping for Clinical Trials

Randomize participants and ship drugs

Whether you’re running a blinded study for your digital therapy or a new pill, you need a more efficient way to randomize patients and automate drug shipping logistics. Your study only needs our randomization feature when you use Mahalo to validate your digital therapy. If you’re studying a pill or other drug, you’ll likely leverage our logistics engine for drug distribution. Reduce the complexities of running a multi-site, hybrid, or virtual study when using a single platform to manage drug supply, refills, and randomization.

Software-defined randomization protocols

  • No need for manual paper-based participant randomization
  • Mahalo's list of randomization types is constantly expanding
  • Weighted randomization
  • Blinded randomization
  • Automatic participant anonymizer
  • Obscure patient information on medical records
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Drug logistics and distribution

  • Stock one study site or multiple sites
  • Manage stock levels for hybrid or virtual sites
  • Automatically allocate, stockpile, and redistribute drugs
  • Send larger quantities to storage depots at physical sites
  • Ship individual portions to virtual study participants
  • Automate shipping and randomization of pills and placebos

Records and audit trail for compliance

  • Track drug inventory levels
  • Virtual and physical site inventory tracking
  • Delivery requests
  • Delivery confirmation
  • Drug return receipt
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