Personalized Health Coaching and Patient Communities for Digital Therapeutics (DTx)

Deliver lasting positive health outcomes

All the microlearning and health recommendations in the world won’t change patient behavior at scale. To get patients to make the habit changes that deliver long-lasting positive health outcomes, your DTx needs to have a human connection. The Mahalo health coach community guides patients through their struggles and provides real-time suggestions to help patients overcome their unhealthy habits. The patient community allows individuals in each group of patients to keep each other accountable, so groups succeed together.

Go beyond notifications and personalized content

  • Content alone can’t manage or reverse your patients’ condition
  • Live conversations reinforce the advice your DTx teaches
  • An authoritative coach convinces patients to make habit changes
  • Patient communities leverage social proof to change behavior
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Live coaching via Telemedicine

  • HIPAA compliant platform
  • Live video and text chat telemedicine
  • Schedule telemedicine video calls
  • Automatically send calendar invites and reminders
  • Text chat between coaches and patients

Patient buddy system for accountability

  • Group patients into cohorts
  • Set group goals for each cohort
  • Assign a buddy to keep each patient on your program
  • Send patients notifications when their buddy is off track
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Coaching and community analytics

  • Measure the talking points that work and don’t work
  • View the success rates of different cohorts
  • Identify the most successful buddies for coach recruitment
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