The Only Electronic Patient-Reported Outcome (ePRO) Software with Behavior Intervention Tools

Reduce human errors

We’re all human, and we make minor mistakes when we do tedious work. Manually transferring data from handwritten surveys leads to errors in your dataset. Improve response rates, validate data as it’s collected, and eliminate data entry costs when you switch from paper surveys to digital tools, allowing you to manage your entire study from a unified clinical data platform.

Surveys in minutes, no expertise required

A great user experience shouldn’t need an instruction manual. We’ve taken time and care to create the most delightful user experience for survey (eCRF) creation. No survey is too complex for you to design using our intuitive drag and drop editor. You don’t need to be a programmer or platform expert to add field-level validation, check rules, and skip logic to your study questions.

Redefine your expectations

  • No-need to copy data from paper surveys
  • Intuitive form and validation builder
  • Over 12 form field options
  • Complex skip logic
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Paper can’t improve engagement

Mahalo’s ePro mobile apps can. Patient communities and reminder notifications automate patient engagement and increase retention. The Mahalo eClinical platform encourages patients to give accurate data at the frequency your study requires from participant enrollment through study completion.

Capture answers via a conversational experience

  • A chat-like experience presents questions one at a time
  • Participants answer questions with just a tap
  • Rich media question types include pictures and videos
  • Over 12 form fieldAsk questions in any language options
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Rules and tools to improve engagement

  • Schedule notification reminders for recurring measurements
  • Trigger multiple notifications for a single survey
  • Set triggers based on time, location, survey status, and more
  • Chat-based tools allow participants to ask questions
  • Use forums to build a participant community

Goodbye tedious, hello automation

Mahalo's clinical research data management system automates the work you dislike the most. Say goodbye to the labor-intensive task of copying data from paper forms into a digital format. Eliminate the need to manually connect data from disparate data sources to an individual record. With Mahalo, you get a clean dataset from seamless integrations, validations, and edit checks.

Map data to each individual’s record

  • Integrate connected device data
  • Suck in EHR records and test results
  • Load patient diary text
  • Fetch completed clinician and patient ePro survey forms
  • Select the precise data you need for your study
  • Normalize and map data to each individual
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Participant management made easy

  • Send bulk invites to participants
  • Segment participants by demographics and study phase
  • View individual completed surveys in real-time
  • Track study progress via a real-time dashboard
  • Comprehensive audit trail

Automate stipend payments

  • PCI compliant payments
  • Store patient bank details
  • Schedule weekly or monthly payouts
  • Link your study’s bank account
  • Retry failed payments
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Security and compliance you can count on

Your data is more valuable than gold. Mahalo is architected from the ground up to be a digital Fort Knox. We continuously add compliance and security features to stay several steps ahead of the bad guys, so you can entrust us to store your study data for decades to come.

Ironclad security and compliance

  • Lock completed surveys automatically
  • Automatic participant anonymizer
  • Data encryption in transit and at rest
  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Good Clinical Practice (GCP)
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Real-time study data backup
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Incorporate behavior-changing features

Mahalo was built from the ground up to create a new type of ePro system that combines the best standard ePro features with a digital therapeutics (DTx) builder, allowing you to study behavior-modifying interventions. Whether it’s adherence to a treatment plan prescribed by a doctor or lifestyle changes that will reduce or reverse chronic conditions, studies focusing on behavior change will proliferate in the coming years. Mahalo gives you the tools to study a behavior intervention and bring an FDA-approved DTx to market at a rapid pace.

Digital building blocks for behavior modification

  • Eliminate months of expensive custom software development
  • LMS with micro-learning features
  • Personalized data-driven behavior reinforcement
  • Track behavior with connected devices
  • Meal, weight, exercise, and sleep logger
  • Personal coaching via telemedicine video or text chat
  • Community features for accountability
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One or two separate apps

  • A single app for academic studies with behavior interventions
  • Independent research and digital therapy apps for clinical trials
  • One platform for a multitude of digital health use cases
  • Personal coaching via telemedicine video or text chat
  • Customize your ePro to fit your needs

Bring your DTx to market

  • Brand your DTx app with your company logo
  • Same experience and features as your study
  • Use your study data for FDA approval
  • Turn on production mode and launch your apps
  • Allow doctors to prescribe your DTX via their EHR
  • Continually learn from patients as they use your DTx
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