Rapid Digital Therapeutics (DTx) Development Platform

Forward-looking researchers trust Mahalo

Not all clinical research platforms are forward-looking. Mahalo is different. We see a future where every pill has a digital companion app to increase patient compliance. It’ll be commonplace for doctors to prescribe DTx apps to help patients manage and reverse chronic conditions in the next decade. Regulations are already in place to allow DTx companies to bill insurance providers, and some patients may elect to purchase digital therapies without insurance because of the reasonable price point.

The scalable behavior change platform

Again and again, research links chronic diseases to behavior and lifestyle choices. You’ll never develop a pill that gets people to change their lifestyle, but you can guide people on a path towards behavior change through the use of digital therapeutics. There are other ways to elicit behavior change, but DTx apps are the only scalable method that researchers and pharmaceutical companies should consider. When conducting a research study focused on behavioral modification, you need a clinical research platform with all the DTx building blocks.

Health system problems you can solve

  • Health system problems you can solve
  • Behavior change interventions
  • Patient compliance/adherence
  • Hospital readmission rate reduction
  • Disease prediction/diagnosis
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Launch your study and digital therapy, together

  • Eliminate expensive custom software development
  • Launch in weeks instead of months or years
  • Configure your DTx with our tools
  • Or, commission a custom digital therapy
  • Collect study data on your intervention

Should you build, or should you buy?

To launch and maintain digital health solutions, you need an underlying compliant infrastructure. Mahalo’s digital therapeutics development platform provides prebuilt features and web and mobile app assets that sit on top of cloud infrastructure that passes all regulatory, compliance, and security requirements. If you work at a pharma, medical device, or MedTech company, you shouldn’t have to build the same underlying features and infrastructure each time you want to bring a new DTx to market. Using Mahalo’s pre-built platform avoids the following challenges:

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Unknown time to market

Developing a custom platform can take 2+ years before you account for the additional effort required to integrate your DTx into the broader digital health ecosystem.

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Cost overruns

Standing up a novel solution is expensive upfront, and maintaining its adaptability, scalability, and security can be exorbitant.

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Creating a robust quality management system is resource-intensive, with added complexity from evolving global regulatory, privacy, and security requirements.

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Lacking software development DNA

Researchers and scientists create most digital therapies, but they aren't digital professionals. Building an in-house software development team alongside your research team can be a recipe for failure. Focus on your core strengths of program and content development, allowing us to focus on providing you with the platform that will deliver your digital therapy

Launch sooner with digital therapy building blocks

Pick and choose the tools and integrations your digital therapy needs. Snap them together like Legos and prepare your digital therapy for your clinical trial in record time. In most cases, your DTx app will be ready before you finalize your content and program.

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Behavior modification building blocks

  • Micro-learning via multimedia text, image, and video content
  • Personalized data-driven behavior reinforcement
  • Track behavior with connected devices
  • Meal, weight, exercise, fluid, and sleep logger
  • Personal coaching via telemedicine video or text chat
  • Keep patients accountable with community features

Generate revenue with successful digital therapies

Add your branding and the Mahalo platform takes care of the rest. No need to rework your DTx app or integrate with EPIC and Cerner. As soon as your DTx gets FDA approval, you can start marketing your treatment to doctors without additional software development costs.

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One app from research to market

  • Same experience and features as your study
  • Use your study data for FDA approval
  • Turn on production mode and launch your apps
  • Allow doctors to prescribe your DTX via their EHR
  • Continually learn from patients as they use your DTx
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