Professional and Configuration Services for eClinical and Digital Therapeutics (DTx)

Services for when you try something new

While Mahalo’s eClinical and digital therapeutics platforms allow researchers to configure their solutions, some clinical studies and DTx apps require customizations. Mahalo’s professional services team, all experts in the Mahalo platform, complete these custom configurations.

Agile processes accelerate time to market

Our professional services team is full of experts in their domains who are at the top of their respective fields. Whether it’s eCRF creation, learning content development, DTx app customization, or new API integrations, we have in-house experts who follow agile methodologies. We plan one or two-week agile sprints to deliver surveys, content, apps, and integrations within the promised timeline.

Survey (eCRF) design

  • Create surveys to capture the data your study requires
  • Design efficient questionnaires that don’t overwhelm
  • Add media when needed to increase engagement
  • Configure daily, weekly, or monthly question frequency
  • Trigger reminders to increase response rates
  • Create data validations and edit checks
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Content creation

  • Micro-learning media content
  • Generate text, video, and graphic content
  • Customize content for each country or region
  • Incorporate regional culture and lifestyle habits

Use Mahalo for an existing study

  • Migrate your existing study to Mahalo EDC
  • Import MS Excel and paper documents
  • Import data from other EDCs like RedCap
  • Start a Mahalo virtual site alongside your current study
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Add new integrations

  • Some new integrations require professional services
  • Integrations with your existing EDC and legacy systems
  • Two-way data sync with your study management system
  • Uncommon electronic health records systems
  • Integrate anything with our REST API

Digital therapy app development

  • Therapies built on Mahalo’s DTx platform require some customization
  • Make changes to workflows and the user experience
  • Integrate with new connected devices and wearables
  • Create new manual self-recording features for patients
  • Configure notification and reminder triggers
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