Digital Recruitment and Electronic Informed Consent (eConsent) Software

Save time and money

Save significant time on recruiting, screening, and completing informed consent forms when you use Mahalo’s integrated digital recruitment and eConsent tools. We’ve integrated the entire workflow so you stay organized without manila envelopes. Whether you’re running a decentralized or hybrid study, we deliver an experience you and your patients will love.

Recruit patients anywhere, digitally

Since the Mahalo eClinical platform offers virtual sites, you can recruit study participants from anywhere in the world. Gone are the days of needing to recruit patients based on their proximity to study sites alone. Now, you can use targeted advertising on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to recruit patients for your study. If there are digital communities for the condition you’re studying, you can recruit patients directly from those websites.

Customize a high-converting landing page

  • Pick your landing page template
  • Add your content and call to action (CTA)
  • Upload your brand and pick your colors
  • Select engaging high-resolution images
  • Convert patients on desktop or mobile
  • Seamlessly transfer to your screening flow

Screen patients with a questionnaire

  • Automatically find ideal participants for your study
  • Create your questionnaire in minutes
  • 12 form field types
  • Drag and drop questionnaire builder
  • Seamlessly transfer to your eConsent flow

Go paperless — process your patients in less time

Whether you’re still using paper consent forms or you’re unhappy with your current eConsent tool, you’ll save hours when you shift to our simple eConsent solution that’s integrated with the Mahalo eClinical platform. Patients need to know what they’re signing up for when they agree to participate in your study, but the process of reviewing and signing consent forms shouldn’t feel like a chore. The Mahalo eConsent solution is flexible, allowing patients to review one or a dozen consent forms with just a few taps.

Improve consent completion rates

  • Empower patients to complete forms anywhere
  • Require acknowledgment or digital signature
  • Increase comprehension via video, audio, diagrams, and images
  • Send automatic reminders to finish incomplete consent forms)
platform image

Improve engagement with Telehealth

  • Optionally review forms live with participants
  • Schedule live video calls
  • No app download required
  • Send automatic calendar invites
  • HIPAA compliant service
  • Waiting room for when you’re running behind
  • Appointment reminder notifications

Reduce workload for site staff

  • Map informed consent forms to each participant
  • Send completed forms to administrators and patients
  • Automate study enrollment upon completion of all forms
  • Create a custom workflow to onboard new participants
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