Digital Health Diary for Digital Therapeutics (DTx)

Collect patient behavior data at scale

Behavior change in the context of digital health is more than changing your current eating, exercise, and sleep habits. Little things as simple as getting a patient to track their weight over time is a behavior change in itself. Our digital health diary helps patients get into the habit of recording their daily activities so they see how their lifestyle decisions affect their health. Connected devices like wearables reduce the burden of the data collection process on patients. Patients often don't need to enter data into a Mahalo Digital Therapeutics (DTx) software because it fetches data automatically.

Purpose-built data collection experiences

The Mahalo digital therapeutics software automatically records most patient activities with smartwatches, smart scales, and connected medical devices. Still, we can’t assume every patient will have access to all the connected devices required to simplify data collection. So, we’ve created user interfaces designed to collect common patient behaviors in the fewest number of taps.

Log meals and hydration

  • Measure what and when patients eat
  • Approximate portion size
  • Add a meal with our growing food product database
  • Snap a picture to log a meal
  • Record a saved frequent meal in just a tap
  • One tap to add water or beverage consumption

Continuous sleep tracking

  • Wearables measure sleep when charged
  • Smart mattress pads offer another way to track sleep
  • Track movement and sleep patterns with connected devices
  • Option to manually enter bedtime and wakeup time

Record exercise and activity

  • Apple Health and Google Fit compatible
  • Smartwatches track steps
  • Peletons send ride data
  • Other connected workout devices send workout data
  • Manually enter activities and durations
  • Enter exercise, sets, reps, and weight for weight-training
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digital therapeutic img

Easily track weight over time

  • Simple interface to record weight
  • View chart of weight over time
  • Simplify data entry with connected devices
  • Optional integration with a connected scale

Monitor heart rate, EKG, blood glucose, and more

  • Measure biomarkers with wearables and connected devices
  • Smart watches deliver data on multiple biomarkers
  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) patches
  • IoT blood pressure measurement devices
  • Over 300 other connected health tech devices
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Make personalized lifestyle recommendations with our Digital Therapeutics Software

First, patients need to form a new habit by logging their activities. Then, the platform has some of the information it needs to recommend new lifestyle choices. Behaviors won’t change in a vacuum, and the Mahalo digital therapeutics software allows you to use data to reinforce good habits over time. You can design an approach that works for your specific patient based on personal, regional, and cultural preferences.

Rule-based alterative recommendations

  • Sometimes rule-based recommendations are best
  • E.g., recommend olive oil instead of canola oil
  • Recommend groups of healthy alternatives
  • Patient queue with virtual waiting room
  • E.g., ways to fit exercise into a busy schedule

Patient population recommendations

  • Infer healthy behaviors from DTx data you collect
  • Make personalized recommendations with machine learning (ML) models
  • A/B test recommendations and notification sequences
  • Targeted notifications to nudge patients
  • Schedule coaching sessions when patients still resist change

Leverage our content library

  • Thousands of articles you don’t need to write or source
  • Hundreds of microlearning courses that teach healthy concepts
  • Use Mahalo content as is or edit it to fit your needs
  • Our professional services team can write content for your DTx
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