5 Mahalo Health digital therapeutics platform features you cannot miss!

Mansha Kapoor
February 22, 2023

Digital Therapeutics (DTx) has steadily grown into a thriving industry since the CoronaVirus Pandemic due to its convenience to medical workers and patients who needed constant and consistent medical guidance and could not visit their doctors. Digital Therapeutics is a part of Digital Health that remotely diagnoses conditions and cures patients using evidence-based and clinically-evaluated platforms and technology. 

Today, there are many options available for the healthcare industry when it comes to choosing an appropriate, avan-garde, and reliable technology and tools for practicing Digital Therapeutics. Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, and Virtual and Augmented Reality play a significant role in fueling the ever-growing field of Digital Health and Therapeutics. The products of digital therapeutics include advanced technologies that ensure the accurate delivery of patient data, safe storage, and an increase in patient access to treatments, diagnosis, and progress. 

Mahalo Health is one of the few digital health platforms you can go to for compliant, reliable, and user-friendly software to implement for your clinics and decentralized clinical trials. 

Mahalo Health Digital Therapeutics Platform

Mahalo Health is a digital health platform company that provides creative and innovative solutions for clinics practicing digital therapeutics and helps health tech companies build, scale, and maintain digital health products and services. At Mahalo Health, we aim to accelerate digital health technologies for biopharma and MedTech customers with our accessible, user-friendly, medical-grade digital health platform. 

Our platforms help patients maintain their healthy routines, get regular reminders to take their medication throughout their treatments, and more from the comfort of their homes.  We aim to provide state-of-the-features that can accommodate all types of medical assistance doctors need for continuous remote patient monitoring and can churn out fast results for better medical diagnostics. 

Let's delve deeper into the 5 unmissable features of the Mahalo Health digital therapeutics platform, to understand how it is a digital health must-have for all clinics today. 

1. Microlearning

Medical concepts and health treatments can indeed be overwhelming for non-professionals. Microlearning is the latest strategy in the Edtech industry that breaks down complex concepts into small chunks or stand-alone units to make it easier for students to understand and imbibe the topics. Recent studies have proven that Microlearning increases engagement by 50%, retention rate by 80%, and boosts the learning speed of students by 300%. 

Mahalo Health has adapted this highly effective educational strategy in their digital therapeutics platform to help patients of all age groups learn more about their medical conditions, treatments, medications, and more with the help of 1-2 minute long videos, 2-3 minute long articles, that are full of engaging content and illustrations, making the study material even easier to comprehend. The concepts are explained in such a way that patients from any field of education can grasp the content without delving too much into it. What's more, patients can also attempt short, objective quizzes to improve their learning. 

With Mahalo Health, MedTech companies can upload or import interactive content such as illustrations, articles, short videos, and more to educate their patients throughout their treatment. They can compose quizzes and improve their content and teaching methods on patients with Mahalo’s A/B testing. 

2. Digital Health Diary

Collecting patient data is not only a necessary component of deriving accurate results with digital therapeutics but also helps in studying patient behavior and changing lifestyle habits. Mahalo Health’s Digital Health Diary allows patients to conveniently record their daily activities, fooding habits, vital statistics, sleep schedules, and more. Our digital health diary encourages patients to pen down all the nitty-gritties of their day to see how their lifestyle choices impact their life in the long run. 

While the Mahalo Health platform automatically records the majority of patient activities with the help of wearables (smartwatches, smart scales, biosensors, etc.), however, for instances where the patient cannot access the medical devices, our user-friendly, in-built digital diary is designed to collect data on patient behavior. 

The interface of the digital health diary is designed to collect various data about the patient’s daily activities in a few clicks. Patients can log their meals, timings, water intake, portion size, and more within the diary. Additionally, they can add new meals to Mahalo’s food database, add images of meals to the log, and record frequent meals, water, and beverage consumption in a single click. 

Besides nutrition, patients can also track their sleep patterns and exercise regime with wearables powered by Google Fit and Apple Health. However, the most helpful feature of the Mahalo Health digital diary is the weight tracker and biomarker monitor. Patients are kept in constant check about their vitals with connected medical devices and wearables. 

3. One-on-one DTx

While digital health can significantly improve patient health, a human connection is always needed to achieve outstanding outcomes. Mahalo Health's digital platform comes with a coaching community to guide patients throughout their treatments and provide real-time support and suggestions to overcome their medical conditions. Besides, patients can also enroll in the patient community to share their experiences and have a support group in times of need. It is believed that live sessions and conversations with coaches reinforce what Digital Therapeutics teaches the patients. This promotes better and faster learning and grasping of concepts. Besides, there are times when patients need a nudge to make a huge lifestyle change, which is not always possible without an active presence of an authoritative figure. Coaches and communities help convince and inspire patients to make habitual changes in their health.

Digital therapy is incomplete without community support and coaching. With Mahalo Health, patients are provided live coaching sessions via HIPAA-compliant Telemedicine platforms, schedule telemedicine video conferences, send and accept calendar invites and send text messages to coaches and fellow patients. Lastly, the Patient Buddy system is a co-dependent system that groups 2 patients together so that they can keep tabs on each other’s progress throughout the program, not to mention offer support. 

4. Behavior change

Poor lifestyle habits, bad nutrition, and lifestyle addictions are usually the root causes of today’s chronic health issues since it is a whole other battle to change a patient’s behavior and cure addiction. Patients often need constant, long-term monitoring and continuous guidance from medical professionals and support groups to change their lifestyles. Behavior change does not stop at doctors prescribing medications and handing out literature on various conditions to the patient. 

At Mahalo Health, we understand what a long and tedious battle behavior change can be for a patient. Our Behavior Change engine provides guidance and long-term support to all patients aspiring for a lifestyle change. Our platform provides encouraging notifications, live one-on-one coaching sessions, success metrics, personalized treatments, and automated individualized programs for patients to make their journey interactive and insightful. 

5. Compliances and Security

Hosted on Google Cloud, Mahalo Health's digital therapeutics platform collects sensitive patient data through connected medical devices, wearables, ePros, and EDCs. But, of course, how do we ensure that our patient’s data and health records are safe from falling into the wrong hands?

Mahalo’s security architecture is designed by McAfee and several other cybersecurity enterprises that keep evolving to achieve the latest compliances and utmost data security standards. The platform also follows the best data security practices, such as data encryption, cloud-enabled firewall, regular security audits, and two-factor authentication, to doubly ensure zero breaches of patient information. 

Besides the security measures, Mahalo Health also provides efficient data recovery with automatic data backup, mirroring, and numerous cloud infrastructure options for robust redundancy and data resilience. Our team also architects compliance regulations for the platform to ensure that our patients are storing their health records in the safest location. Besides, Mahalo Health’s digital therapeutics platform follows international compliance standards such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA, GDPR, and ICH E6 Good Clinical Practice alongside compliances provided by Google Cloud such as ISO27001 and ISO9001 certification and more. 

Final Words

Our team at Mahalo Health is compassionate and focused on providing the best outcomes to our customers and patients. Be it developing companion applications, adding connectivity to devices, or personalizing patient care with artificial intelligence and machine learning; we are your one-stop shop for all your health tech needs. 

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