Top Better Therapeutics Alternatives & Competitors

Mansha Kapoor
September 18, 2023


In today's digital age, health and wellness platforms have transformed how we approach medical treatment and self-care. Among the frontrunners in this digital health revolution is Better Therapeutics, a beacon in prescription digital therapeutics designed especially for cardiometabolic conditions. However, as the landscape rapidly evolves, numerous other platforms are carving their niche, vying for the attention of both healthcare professionals and end-users. Each offers a unique blend of technological innovation, clinical validity, and user experience. Whether you're a patient seeking to understand your options, a healthcare provider aiming to diversify your digital toolbox, or simply a tech enthusiast eager to stay updated, this listicle dives deep into the world of digital health. We explore 25 formidable alternatives and competitors of Better Therapeutics that are reshaping the intersection of technology and healthcare. 

1. Mahalo Health vs. Better Therapeutics

Clinical Research Accelerator

As a formidable competitor of Better Therapeutics, Mahalo Health is redefining the boundaries of eClinical and digital therapeutics platforms. From Electronic Data Capture (EDC) that consolidates all study data seamlessly to a state-of-the-art Unified Data Platform capable of predictive health analytics, Mahalo is at the forefront of integrating technology with healthcare. Their solutions extend to eConsent for digital participant onboarding, wearables integration, and a behavior change engine that drives notifications and recommendations, fostering positive health transformations.

Their robust offerings are underpinned by a rigorous focus on security and compliance, ensuring adherence to HIPAA, GCP, ISO27001, GDPR, and more. What sets Mahalo apart, besides its comprehensive platform, is its professional services team – a cadre of experts who specialize in areas like eCRF creation, DTx app customization, and agile development. By employing swift agile methodologies, they ensure timely delivery, staying true to their commitment to accelerating time-to-market. In the evolving digital health space, Mahalo Health is proving to be a game-changing competitor of Better Therapeutics. 

2. Omada Health vs. Better Therapeutics

Omada Health is rapidly emerging as a formidable competitor in the digital chronic care space, challenging companies like Better Therapeutics. With its virtual-first strategy, Omada is at the forefront of enabling sustainable lifestyle modifications, effectively helping individuals combat chronic conditions such as type 2 diabetes. Their data—driven approach, tailored to individual needs, offers a comprehensive care model that rivals other industry players.

What sets Omada apart is its impressive array of personalized tools, made available to eligible members at no additional cost. From smart scales to blood pressure monitors and glucose meters, combined with human coaching, they offer a holistic care experience accessible around the clock. This 360-degree care ecosystem promotes enduring health improvements.

Moreover, by fusing advanced technology with a genuine human touch, Omada is not just keeping pace but is pushing boundaries in preventative healthcare. Their efficient integration of health apps and connected devices allows for proactive self-management by users, setting a competitive bar for personalized care. In the evolving digital health arena, Omada Health is undoubtedly positioning itself as a worthy competitor of Better Therapeutics, driving the future of integrated healthcare solutions.


3. Noom vs. Better Therapeutics

Noom is emerging as a strong competitor of Better Therapeutics in the digital health arena, distinguishing itself with a unique weight loss and chronic condition management approach. While traditional programs often lean on rigid dietary rules, Noom champions a sustainable method. It provides users with a tailored calorie target and a color-coded food database to promote the intake of nutrient-rich items, such as fresh produce, without banning any specific foods.

Providing more than calorie tracking, Noom integrates psychology to inspire healthier choices. The app offers weekly challenges and modules on diverse topics, from nutrition and stress management to goal-setting and habit cultivation. This holistic approach is supplemented with tools for logging meals, exercise, body metrics, and biometric blood sugar and blood pressure trackers.

Enhancing the user experience, Noom includes a virtual coaching team and Noom Circles, specialized communities for shared interests. Offering a 7-day free trial, it invites users to experience its comprehensive suite before opting for a subscription. With its emphasis on lasting lifestyle shifts over temporary diets, Noom is positioned as a formidable contender in the evolving digital health sector against Better Therapeutics.

4. Arcade Therapeutics vs. Better Therapeutics

Arcade Therapeutics, formerly Wise Therapeutics, stands at the vanguard of innovative mental health solutions. Positioned as a strong competitor of Better Therapeutics, this New York-based game studio fuses cutting-edge cognitive neuroscience with captivating gaming experiences. Their commendable mission is to revolutionize the mental health domain by offering clinically validated therapeutic games that are entertaining and potent. This commitment to excellence has not gone unnoticed; Arcade received the 2022 Rising Star Award from the respected Digital Health Hub Foundation and was spotlighted as a Top 10 Startup to Watch in 2023 by Digital Health NY. As they move towards FDA submission, Arcade's game pipeline includes treatments for conditions like social anxiety, major depressive disorder, and alcohol use disorder, among others. Their incorporation of Mobile Attention Bias Modification Training to manage distress in Multiple Sclerosis exemplifies their dedication to providing comprehensive digital health solutions. Furthermore, Arcade Connect promises to facilitate the distribution of these game-based therapies, bridging the gap between providers and patients and ensuring reimbursement via digital formularies.

5. WellDoc vs. Better Therapeutics

Welldoc is at the forefront of the digital health revolution, especially when viewed as a competitor of Better Therapeutics. Welldoc's digital coaching platform is reshaping chronic care management by harnessing AI's power. Its state-of-the-art technology is committed to optimizing personal and clinical health decisions for both patients and healthcare providers. The cornerstone of this innovation is the IDEA Framework, designed to Inform, Discover, Extrapolate, and Adapt. This innovative framework ensures users benefit from real-time, tailored coaching, which promotes healthier daily choices.

This platform grants healthcare teams immediate access to actionable data, empowering them to provide timely interventions and superior patient care. Welldoc's solution goes a step further by offering crucial data insights for health plans, aiding them in enhancing population health strategies and refining chronic care initiatives.

A prime example of Welldoc's innovation is DiabetesManager, a tool designed for coordinated diabetes care. Further, the collaboration with Conifer Health Solutions led to the launch of Conifer Connect, an app that amalgamates data from smart devices, presenting an all-encompassing health snapshot for users.

In the dynamic realm of digital healthcare, where Better Therapeutics is a notable player, Welldoc distinguishes itself with a comprehensive, data-centric approach that fosters patient engagement and transforms chronic disease management.

6. Lark Health vs. Better Therapeutics

Lark Health, a forerunner in AI-driven digital health coaching, has firmly established itself as a significant competitor of Better Therapeutics in the evolving healthcare tech domain. Founded in 2011, Lark's Chronic Care Management Platform provides innovative solutions, using conversational AI and remote patient monitoring, to nearly 2 million patients grappling with diabetes and hypertension. Their platform's ability to merge effortlessly with existing healthcare systems makes them a formidable player in the digital health space.

Lark's recent unveiling of two impactful research studies further cements their status. Their Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP), distinguished with CDC's Full Recognition, reported an impressive average weight loss of 4.3% among those in health provider shortage regions. This test result underscores Lark's commitment to reaching marginalized communities. While many might perceive digital care as elitist, Lark refutes this by providing cost-effective, personalized care. As Lark continues its quest to tackle high-cost chronic conditions, its prowess and commitment make it a noteworthy competitor of Better Therapeutics, setting new benchmarks in digital health management.

7. Livongo vs. Better Therapeutics

Livongo, a prominent player in the digital health landscape, has been revolutionizing how chronic conditions are managed. Leveraging data-driven platforms, Livongo empowers individuals to take charge of their health, especially those with diabetes and hypertension. Its consumer-first approach ensures tailored experiences that are both intuitive and actionable. While Better Therapeutics has made notable strides in digital therapeutics, particularly for cardiometabolic diseases, Livongo stands out by integrating smart devices, real-time data feedback, and human coaching. Both companies aim to provide personalized, tech-driven solutions for chronic disease management, but Livongo's extensive experience and comprehensive suite position it as a formidable competitor in this space. As healthcare continues its shift towards digital solutions, Livongo figures as a stiff competition of Better Therapeutics as these two giants underscore the potential and demand for innovative health tech solutions.    

8. Ginger vs. Better Therapeutics

Ginger is a pioneering force in the realm of digital mental health solutions. The platform leverages the power of technology, making mental health services such as text-based chat, video therapy, and psychiatry sessions more accessible than ever. By connecting users with trained behavioral health professionals on-demand, Ginger ensures immediate support and personalized care facilitated by machine learning and human expertise.

Ginger emerges as a competitor of Better Therapeutics in the broader digital health landscape. While the latter is renowned for its digital therapeutic solutions, aimed primarily at managing chronic conditions through behavioral science, Ginger's forte is its immediate and tailored mental health support. The contrasting core offerings of the two companies highlight the vast potential and diverse approaches within the digital health sector. Nonetheless, as two stalwarts championing the importance of digital interventions in modern healthcare, Ginger and Better Therapeutics are undeniably significant players in the field, each contributing uniquely to the evolution of patient care. 

9. Happify Health vs. Better Therapeutics

Happify Health, emerging as a strong competitor of Better Therapeutics, is transforming the digital therapeutic landscape with innovative, data-driven solutions. Leveraging cutting-edge research in cognitive-behavioral therapy, positive psychology, and mindfulness, Happify Health provides a platform to combat various mental health and chronic conditions. Unlike traditional therapy models, Happify Health offers a gamified approach, making mental wellness accessible, engaging, and effective. As the demand for digital health tools continues to rise, Happify Health's commitment to evidence-based interventions uniquely positions it in a market where consumers increasingly seek reliable and efficient therapeutic options. As they continue to expand their offerings and delve deeper into personalized care, Happify Health stands to challenge the status quo, presenting itself as a formidable competitor of Better Therapeutics.

10. Kaia Health vs. Better Therapeutics

Kaia Health is a noteworthy competitor of Better Therapeutics in the digital therapeutics landscape. Focused on providing evidence-based treatments for musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions and COPD, Kaia employs innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence and computer vision. Users access a personalized self-management program through their mobile app rooted in multimodal rehabilitation (MMR). This holistic approach merges guided exercises, relaxation practices, and educational insights on pain management, mirroring the gold standard for chronic pain treatments. One of Kaia's distinguishing features is the integration of accredited health coaches, ensuring users are supported throughout their therapeutic journey. While both Kaia Health and Better Therapeutics are pivotal players in digital health solutions, Kaia's interdisciplinary approach, dynamic personalization, and emphasis on MSK conditions sets it apart. The platform is expertly crafted for laypersons, requiring only a smartphone or tablet for access. Although a medical diagnosis is essential before using the app, users can manage their MSK pain at home, either independently or under medical guidance, establishing Kaia Health as a formidable competitor of Better Therapeutics.

11. Akili Interactive vs. Better Therapeutics

As a formidable competitor of Better Therapeutics, Akili Interactive is at the forefront of digital therapeutic innovations. With its foundation deeply rooted in cognitive neuroscience and state-of-the-art consumer technology, Akili has introduced a revolutionary platform to address cognitive impairments. The patented Selective Stimulus Management Engine (SSME™) is the cornerstone of their technological advancement. This engine is designed with precision to target vital neural systems overseeing attentional control, representing a significant shift in the neuropsychiatric treatment landscape. The SSME™ technology, validated in controlled trials, offers solutions for diverse conditions, including ADHD, ASD, MS, and MDD. One of Akili's stellar achievements is the creation of EndeavorRx®, an FDA-approved prescription video game tailored for children aged 8-12 diagnosed with specific ADHD types. Notably, EndeavorRx® holds the distinction of being the first-ever FDA-cleared product in its category. Akili's emphasis on merging therapy with entertainment showcases their commitment to revolutionizing therapeutic interventions. This approach positions them as a notable competitor of Better Therapeutics in the burgeoning digital health landscape.

12. Virta Health vs. Better Therapeutics

Virta Health is a formidable competitor of Better Therapeutics with its state-of-the-art digital therapeutics platform for reversing type 2 diabetes and prediabetes. Distinguishing itself from traditional approaches, Virta negates the need for surgeries, strict calorie reduction, or additional medications. Seamlessly integrated into a smartphone app, the treatment hinges on a ketogenic diet intervention melded with expert physician oversight for medication adjustments. Patients are not just beneficiaries of medical tools but are also empowered with a dedicated health coach, diabetes testing essentials, and intuitive monitoring for ketones and weight. Beyond the foundational medical care, Virta's platform offers many on-demand resources ranging from educational videos and game-based learning to diverse culinary recipes. A key element is the private online community, fostering a sense of belonging and shared motivation among users. Their collaboration with the VA, targeting Veteran care, highlights an 84% success rate within a mere 90-day window. Though the results await comprehensive validation, preliminary independent studies vouch for Virta's efficacy. In the ever-evolving digital health landscape, Virta Health is becoming a significant competitor of Better Therapeutics, pushing boundaries and setting new benchmarks.

13. Click Therapeutics vs. Better Therapeutics

Click Therapeutics, emerging as a frontrunner in the digital therapeutics industry, is reshaping the medical arena with innovative software prescriptions designed for those with unaddressed medical challenges. Upholding rigorous standards set by the FDA, ISO, and IEC, this cutting-edge biotechnology enterprise stands out by weaving cognitive and neurobehavioral facets into its bespoke Digital Therapeutics™. These treatments allow patients to address and transform the foundations of their ailments, spotlighting the intricate nexus of thoughts, feelings, and actions. Among Click's commendable advancements are the inauguration of an elite Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) and a strategic alliance with Altoida Inc., a trailblazer in AI-driven neurological diagnostics. Rooted deeply in the philosophy of transformative science, Click Therapeutics consistently champions improved patient outcomes that transcend conventional pharmacological interventions. As a direct competitor of Better Therapeutics, Click Therapeutics is carving its niche by offering comprehensive digital solutions that cater to the evolving needs of the modern healthcare spectrum.

14. MyStrength vs. Better Therapeutics

MyStrength is a prominent digital behavioral health platform offering many resources to help users manage and overcome challenges like depression, anxiety, stress, substance use, chronic pain, and insomnia. Designed as an adjunct to traditional therapy and medication, MyStrength emphasizes evidence-based interventions such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), positive psychology, mindfulness, and motivational interviewing. A distinguishing feature of the platform is its adaptability; it can be tailored to individual users. Depending on users' input and progression, the platform suggests personalized activities and resources to address their needs. Moreover, MyStrength isn't exclusive to individual users. Healthcare providers, payers, and employers have also adopted it to extend behavioral health support to a broader audience. The significance of its impact was further emphasized with its acquisition by Livongo, a leader in Applied Health Signals. MyStrength is now under the umbrella of Teladoc, within a vast array of virtual care solutions. In the burgeoning digital health landscape, MyStrength stands out as a competitor of Better Therapeutics, seeking to revolutionize how we address mental and behavioral health needs.

15. Big Health vs. Better Therapeutics

Big Health, a leader in digital health solutions, is shaping the future of holistic well-being with its cutting-edge platforms. Specializing in mental health and sleep disorders, the company offers clinically validated digital therapeutics designed to empower individuals to take charge of their mental well-being. These solutions, built upon a strong foundation of cognitive-behavioral therapy principles, reflect Big Health's commitment to bridging the gap between technology and healthcare. With user-centric interfaces and evidence-based practices, their applications have received accolades for efficacy and accessibility, catering to a broad spectrum of users seeking alternative therapeutic interventions. Sleepio and Daylight, two of Big Health’s flagship products, epitomize this synthesis, aiding countless users in navigating insomnia and anxiety. As the digital health landscape continues flourishing, Big Health's prominence in the sector can't be overlooked. While it is a competitor of Better Therapeutics, Big Health's dedication to innovation and impactful care sets it apart in the digital health ecosystem.

16. Headspace vs. Better Therapeutics

Headspace, a trailblazer in the digital health arena, has carved a niche for itself with its revolutionary approach to mindfulness and mental well-being. Embracing the power of meditation, Headspace offers a range of guided sessions that aim to alleviate stress, improve sleep, and enhance focus among its users. Their platform, characterized by its engaging, user-friendly design, has garnered a global following, cementing its status as a leader in digital wellness solutions. By incorporating evidence-based practices with relatable content, Headspace transforms abstract mindfulness concepts into tangible daily routines, making mental health care accessible to all. From beginner courses on meditation to specialized packs for specific challenges like anxiety or productivity, Headspace's offerings resonate deeply with today's health-conscious individuals. In the rapidly expanding world of digital health, while Headspace can be viewed as a competitor of Better Therapeutics, its distinct emphasis on meditation and mindfulness truly differentiates its approach, making it a standout player in digital therapeutics.

17. Calm vs. Better Therapeutics

In the evolving digital health landscape, Calm has made a decisive stride beyond its established forte of mental wellness and sleep. Their recent venture, Calm Health, underscores a commitment to address psychological and physical health challenges holistically. By acquiring Ripple Health early in 2022, Calm integrates technology to guide users toward the most appropriate healthcare solutions, particularly for prevalent concerns like anxiety and depression. Using the GAD-7 and PHQ-9 question sets, Calm Health's robust screening mechanism empowers users with insights into their mental health. It further directs them to tailored interventions—the flagship Calm app, Calm Health, or external partner care. Features like goal setting, medication tracking, and wellness data input make it a comprehensive tool for users and healthcare providers. As the digital health sector witnesses rapid advancements, Calm's emergence as a competitor of Better Therapeutics speaks volumes about its ambition and capability to redefine integrated digital healthcare solutions for a global audience.

18. Propeller Health vs. Better Therapeutics

Propeller Health, a vanguard in the digital health sector, has uniquely positioned itself with its revolutionary approach to managing chronic respiratory diseases. Harnessing the synergy of technology and healthcare, Propeller Health has developed sensor-based solutions that seamlessly integrate with inhalers, providing real-time data to both patients and physicians. These solutions enable optimized medication usage and offer insights into environmental triggers, making disease management more proactive rather than reactive. Their platform's ability to predict and prevent potential respiratory events has enhanced the quality of life for countless patients and reduced healthcare costs. While Better Therapeutics is known for its therapeutic applications, Propeller Health's specialized focus on respiratory conditions and commitment to leveraging technology for improved patient outcomes has made it a noteworthy competitor of Better Therapeutics in the digital health landscape. Their innovative solutions reflect the future of chronic disease management and underscore the transformative potential of digital health platforms in modern medicine.

19. 2Morrow vs. Better Therapeutics

2morrow, an innovator in digital health is steering a transformative approach to behavioral health interventions. By leveraging cutting-edge mobile technology, 2morrow offers programs that empower individuals to address habits and behaviors such as smoking cessation, pain management, and stress relief. Their science-backed platform combines principles of cognitive behavioral therapy with engaging user interfaces, ensuring that users are informed and motivated to take meaningful action. By offering these tools directly on smartphones, 2morrow ensures ease of access and consistent user engagement, a pivotal factor in behavioral change. In an industry that's constantly advancing, the tailored and specialized solutions provided by 2morrow have allowed it to stand out. Although Better Therapeutics has accolades in the digital therapeutic domain, 2morrow's distinct focus on behavioral interventions positions it as a formidable competitor of Better Therapeutics. This competition is a testament to the dynamism and potential of the digital health solutions sector, promising a future of enhanced, personalized care for users worldwide.

20. Biofourmis vs. Better Therapeutics

Biofourmis, a frontrunner in the burgeoning digital health domain, harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to reshape patient care. Its platform is focused on predictive analytics, offering a deep dive into personal health metrics to facilitate timely interventions. Biofourmis enables healthcare providers to make informed decisions by analyzing real-time physiological data from wearable devices, enhancing outcomes for patients with chronic conditions. Their ability to seamlessly integrate data-driven insights with clinical practices signifies a paradigm shift in personalized patient care. As the digital health industry evolves, the impact of predictive analytics becomes increasingly crucial, making Biofourmis' offerings even more significant. While Better Therapeutics is renowned for its digital therapeutic applications, the specialized approach of Biofourmis, centering around AI-driven analytics, positions it as a competitor of Better Therapeutics. This dynamic competition underscores the expansive potential and myriad possibilities in the digital health sector, promising a future where technology and medical expertise synergize to optimize patient care.

21. Canary Health vs. Better Therapeutics

Canary Health focuses on chronic disease management and prevention. The platform is centered around empowering individuals, offering them tools and programs to manage and anticipate chronic conditions' progression. Utilizing self-paced modules and live coaching, Canary Health ensures that users receive a comprehensive approach to their well-being, catering to their physical and psychological needs. Their emphasis on behavioral health underscores the understanding that managing chronic diseases requires a multi-faceted strategy, encompassing lifestyle changes, emotional support, and consistent monitoring. While Better Therapeutics is recognized for its prowess in digital therapeutics, Canary Health’s specialized trajectory in chronic disease management and its holistic methodologies make it a compelling competitor of Better Therapeutics. As digital health solutions expand, companies like Canary Health underscore the importance of a patient-centric approach, seamlessly merging technology with genuine human touchpoints.

22. Elevate Labs (Elevate) vs. Better Therapeutics

Elevate Labs, a pioneer in the digital health spectrum, has carved a unique niche with its innovative brain training tools. Their flagship product, Elevate, offers a suite of cognitive exercises to bolster skills like focus, processing speed, and more. The platform's adaptive learning algorithms curate personalized training regimens, ensuring users face challenges tailored to their progression and capabilities. This meticulous approach showcases Elevate Labs' commitment to harnessing technology for cognitive well-being, emphasizing user engagement and scientifically validated methodologies. As the digital health industry continues its rapid ascent, Better Therapeutics has gained prominence for its therapeutic applications. However, Elevate Labs, with its distinct emphasis on cognitive health and development, emerges as a competitor of Better Therapeutics, illuminating the diverse range of solutions the digital health sector is poised to offer. In this expansive landscape, Elevate Labs stands as a testament to the potential of digital platforms in enhancing physical and emotional health and the facets of cognitive development and maintenance.

23. Mango Health vs. Better Therapeutics

Mango Health, a standout in the digital health sector, has garnered acclaim for its novel medication management and adherence approach. Recognizing the challenges many face in maintaining consistent medication schedules, Mango Health developed a mobile app that makes this process engaging, intuitive, and rewarding. Users receive timely reminders to take their medications, can track their adherence history, and are incentivized through a rewards system to maintain consistency. Beyond mere medication reminders, the app also offers insights into potential drug interactions, ensuring that individuals are well-informed about their prescribed medicine. As digital health solutions expand, Better Therapeutics remains a key player, particularly in the digital therapeutics space. However, with its specialized focus on medication management, Mango Health stands out as a competitor of Better Therapeutics. This dynamic competition emphasizes the vast potential of digital health platforms, each addressing varied facets of healthcare, ensuring a comprehensive approach to patient well-being in the digital age.

24. SonderMind vs. Better Therapeutics

SonderMind, solidifying its position in the digital health landscape, offers a robust platform that addresses a critical need: timely and specialized mental health care. It stands out by seamlessly connecting individuals with licensed mental health professionals suited to their specific needs and allowing online and in-person sessions. Significantly, SonderMind takes a dual approach, aiding patients and therapists. By streamlining processes such as payor credentialing and claims management and ensuring prompt payment on claims, they offer an attractive proposition for mental health providers. Moreover, their departure from the subscription-based model commonly seen in online therapy platforms emphasizes flexibility and customization, allowing patients and therapists to determine the pace and frequency of sessions collaboratively. When considering the acquisition of Mindstrong, known for its digital biomarker-based mental health solutions, SonderMind’s path in the digital health space becomes apparent. Though Better Therapeutics has earned recognition in digital therapeutics, SonderMind, with its expansive offerings and recent growth endeavors, emerges as a competitor of Better Therapeutics, underscoring the evolving and dynamic nature of digital health platforms.

25. Voluntis vs. Better Therapeutics

Voluntis emerges as a strong competitor to Better Therapeutics in the fast-paced world of digital therapeutics. With its foundation in advanced algorithmic solutions, Voluntis is making significant strides in redefining treatment experiences for patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes and cancer. Its innovative tools, Insulia and Diabeo, have already garnered attention in the diabetes management domain, delivering personalized insulin dosing advice.

Their most recent achievement is the FDA-endorsed Oleena, an avant-garde digital tool in oncology. This latest achievement isn’t just another generic solution; Oleena offers specialized recommendations for cancer patients to manage their symptoms, with the added advantage of remote clinician oversight. Such innovation ensures pertinent guidance and optimizes symptom management, making the therapeutic journey more patient-centric.

Voluntis' robust standing in the industry is further highlighted by its alliances with significant life science players such as Sanofi, Roche, and AstraZeneca. Their blend of algorithm-driven expertise coupled with strategic collaborations sets them apart. As a pivotal Digital Therapeutics Alliance member, Voluntis's commitment to elevating healthcare is palpable. When juxtaposed with Better Therapeutics, Voluntis showcases a comprehensive product portfolio, setting new benchmarks in digital health solutions.


In the ever-evolving landscape of digital therapeutics, competition has become fierce, with companies vying for a significant foothold. While Better Therapeutics remains a noteworthy player, it is clear from our listicle that the sector is bustling with innovative competitors. These companies, each with unique approaches and advanced algorithmic solutions, are pushing boundaries to redefine patient experiences and treatment outcomes. From Voluntis's trailblazing oncology digital aide to others offering personalized treatment solutions, the range of offerings is vast and impressive. The partnerships these competitors are forging and their commitment to research and patient-centric solutions highlight the industry's rapid growth and its potential to transform healthcare as we know it. As digital health continues to gain traction, it's exciting to envision a future where technology and healthcare seamlessly intertwine, offering patients the best of both worlds. While a leader in its right, Better Therapeutics will undoubtedly be on its toes with such dynamic competitors in the fray. The future of digital therapeutics looks promising, and we can expect continued advancements from all quarters.

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