Top Digital Health Platforms

Mansha Kapoor
August 29, 2023

Digital healthcare, encompassing technology-driven innovation in healthcare systems, has revolutionized patient care and management. This transformation, which includes advanced hardware, software, and services, enables organizations to monitor employee health policies effectively. Features such as online appointments and access to health records make quality healthcare readily available for everyone.

Investing in digital health platforms yields multiple business advantages. They streamline patient care, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. These platforms have become integral in providing remote patient assistance and virtual care, especially in the post-pandemic era. Their potential extends to early and precise detection of severe illnesses like cancer, outperforming traditional methods.

Moreover, digital health platforms are altering healthcare accessibility, introducing online pharmacies, teleconsultations, home health visits, digital medical records, and integrated fitness trackers. As hospitals integrate innovative methodologies, technology, and medicine into care delivery, digital health platforms revolutionize care collaboration. They provide a comprehensive health snapshot, ensuring seamless and effective care coordination. We explore various digital health platforms in the following blog and choose which would suit you best.

1. Mahalo Health


Mahalo Health is advancing healthcare with its progressive digital health platform, which can rapidly launch patient-focused apps and clinical trials. Its power lies in its ability to predict and diagnose diseases at early stages using intricate machine learning algorithms and a meticulous disease recognition analytics engine. This transformative platform tracks patients' lifestyles and biomarkers while the engine compares individual data with broader population trends, identifying patterns and potential health conditions. 

Mahalo is not just a clinical trial platform; it's a digital revolution. By streamlining processes, facilitating patient adherence, and promoting diversity, Mahalo cuts down traditional clinical trials' risks and costs. Features like customizable app building blocks, eSource data capture, and automated scheduling bring a fresh patient-centric approach to digital health.

2. MyChart

A popular patient portal and digital health platform that allows users to access their medical records, schedule appointments, communicate with healthcare providers, and manage their health information.  MyChart, a digital health platform, aims to unify and simplify health record management. Its unique feature, "Happy Together," consolidates your medical records from different healthcare providers into a single accessible location. It doesn't only list your allergies, medications, and health history and facilitates seamless interactions with messages, test results, appointments, and your care team members. 

For instance, Alice, a college student, can merge her medical records from California with her new records in Wisconsin, all within MyChart, eliminating the need for separate logins. This platform ensures your medical record is up-to-date and available to your healthcare providers, regardless of location. This is done through "Care Everywhere," a secure network for information exchange between providers. MyChart also makes scheduling appointments convenient, supports online diagnoses and treatments, and even allows you to care for your family members' health. Thus, MyChart integrates all essential healthcare facets to optimize patient care and management.

3. Epic Systems

A widely used electronic health records (EHR) platform that integrates various aspects of healthcare delivery, including clinical documentation, billing, scheduling, and more. It is utilized by many healthcare organizations worldwide. Epic Systems, a leading digital health platform, significantly dominates the healthcare and hospital market as one of the foremost providers of electronic health record (EHR) systems. Epic's digital health platform is comprehensive and versatile, handling all aspects of hospital operations, from patient visits and scheduling to telehealth and surgical services. Its offerings don't just end with operational efficiency; its incorporation of artificial intelligence and business intelligence analytics empowers healthcare providers to predict and better meet patient needs. 

Moreover, its strict adherence to regulatory compliance, alongside its capacity to cater to micro-niches within the healthcare industry, such as dental providers, strengthens its position as an indispensable asset. With Epic, healthcare organizations are granted the Smart Agility they require, thanks to its exceptional data management, auto-analysis, and reporting capabilities.

4. Cerner 

Another prominent EHR platform that offers comprehensive solutions for healthcare providers, enabling the storage, retrieval, and exchange of patient information across different healthcare settings. Cerner is a renowned digital health platform that provides an integrated, interoperable, patient-centered Electronic Health Record (EHR) system called Millennium®. This platform supports comprehensive patient care, facilitating informed decision-making within clinical workflows across inpatient and outpatient settings. Addressing clinician burnout, Cerner employs expert clinicians to design intuitive solutions that enhance efficiency and user satisfaction across various platforms. 

The patient portal of the platform allows secure communication between patients and providers, fostering patient involvement in their care. Cerner ensures the success of EHR implementation with its Model Experience and continuous improvement services. Also, it's well known for its interoperable solutions, such as PowerChart Ambulatory EHR and CareTracker, that connect multiple facilities and care continuum. Cerner's mobile apps like PowerChart Touch enhance healthcare delivery, making it a truly global, innovative, and reliable digital health platform.

5. HealthTap

 A digital health platform that provides virtual healthcare services, connecting patients with doctors through video consultations, secure messaging, and AI-powered symptom checking. HealthTap is transforming healthcare as a leading digital health platform. The platform uses augmented intelligence to ensure efficient patient care while prioritizing compassion, a cornerstone of medicine. HealthTap's unique approach involves licensing apps to key stakeholders such as employers, insurance firms, and health systems and providing a free app for public use. Its core feature, Dr. AI, is an interactive system that engages patients to comprehend their symptoms and guide them to the most appropriate care pathway. This could range from providing text-based responses from a database of previous answers to suggesting doctor-authored care guides or even organizing an online video consultation with a specialist. 

Unlike conventional telemedicine or AI technologies, HealthTap's augmented intelligence aids in enhancing the efficiency of doctors and patients alike for improved health outcomes. By integrating such innovative methods, HealthTap is redefining patient care experiences through its digital health platform.

6. Teladoc Health

A telemedicine platform that allows patients to consult with healthcare professionals remotely via phone, video, or online messaging. It provides 24/7 access to medical advice, diagnoses, and prescriptions. Teladoc is a leading digital health platform providing virtual care for various health needs, including primary care, acute conditions, and mental health. It leverages its Health Medical Group alongside global clinicians who use the platform to connect with patients. 

Teladoc also features an Applied Health Signals platform, offering data-driven insights and behavior change strategies. Its myStrength offering enhances mental health engagement with cognitive behavioral therapy, personalized coaching, and deterioration detection. Teladoc Therapy connects users with high-quality mental health providers for virtual sessions, treating anxiety, depression, and PTSD. The platform is acclaimed for its user-friendly interface, a plethora of services, and high satisfaction rates. Notable are the regular appointment reminders, flexibility in scheduling, and the inclusion of a wide variety of qualified professionals. Additionally, it's important to note that Teladoc is not a crisis hotline, underscoring its role in regular and ongoing care rather than immediate emergencies.

7. Fitbit

A well-known wearable device company that tracks and monitors health and fitness metrics such as heart rate, sleep patterns, activity levels, and more. Fitbit also offers a digital health platform to help users analyze and manage their health data. Fitbit has redefined its strategy, pivoting from a consumer-focused model to an enterprise-level one with the launch of Fitbit Care, a comprehensive digital health platform. The platform serves health plans, employers, and health systems, providing an innovative blend of health coaching, virtual care, and personalized digital interventions. It exclusively offers Fitbit's new wearable devices, Fitbit Inspire, and Inspire HR, through this platform. 

As part of the enterprise strategy, Fitbit partners with health insurance companies and employers to support efforts to reduce healthcare costs and boost virtual health services. Users gain access to a suite of wellness tools, including social support, fitness challenges, private social groups, and guided workouts. Additionally, the platform offers health coaching, custom care plans, and virtual healthcare provider communication, fostering a personalized wellness journey. Fitbit Care focuses on improving overall wellness and contributing to disease management and prevention through digital interventions.

8. Practo

A comprehensive healthcare platform that enables patients to search for doctors, book appointments, access digital health records, and receive personalized health recommendations. It also offers telemedicine services. Practo, a pioneering digital health platform based in India, is transforming the healthcare landscape by seamlessly bridging the gap between doctors and patients. Leveraging cutting-edge technology enables billions to manage their health more holistically. Practo provides an intuitive platform for doctors to list their services, manage patient interactions, and facilitate e-prescriptions. It has significantly simplified appointment bookings and medical record tracking, especially for independent healthcare professionals in smaller towns, who often lack sophisticated resources.

Additionally, it offers consumer-centric services like health-centric credit cards and online medicine orders. The platform's strategic focus is on rapid scaling to outpace potential local competitors and ensure the continuity of its network effects. The auxiliary at-home diagnostics and medicine delivery services complement the core business model, reinforcing Practo's commitment to revolutionizing healthcare access and delivery.

9. Zocdoc

Zocdoc, a popular online digital health platform that allows patients to find and book appointments with healthcare providers. It provides reviews, availability, and other relevant information to help users make informed decisions. It is a New York City-based digital health platform that revolutionizes how patients find and book healthcare services. This free-to-use service lets users discover in-person or telemedicine appointments with medical and dental professionals. In addition to scheduling, Zocdoc provides a comprehensive rating and comparison database for doctors and dentists, aiding patients in informed decision-making. Physicians benefit, too, from utilizing Zocdoc to expand their reach and reestablish their reputation amid evolving healthcare dynamics. They gain exposure by paying to list their appointment slots, which in turn, contributes to Zocdoc's revenue model. Zocdoc has demonstrated consistent growth and innovation since its inception, most notably by integrating features like online paperwork completion, saving time for both patients and doctors. Zocdoc could become a centralized healthcare information hub, partnering with or creating its own educational content. Furthermore, by leveraging its valuable patient data, Zocdoc has the potential to inform healthcare research, marketing strategies, and insurance company decisions, further fortifying its position as a versatile digital health platform.

10. Ada Health

An AI-powered symptom assessment platform that helps users evaluate their health conditions and receive personalized recommendations. It aims to improve access to healthcare information and assist with early detection. Ada, a pioneering digital health platform, has been recognized for its revolutionary approach to personal health management. Established by a dynamic team of doctors, scientists, and industry leaders, Ada uses intelligent technology to bridge medical knowledge and patient care. 

The platform offers comprehensive symptom assessments, facilitates efficient triage, reduces avoidable costs, and provides medical guidance in various languages. Ada has proved highly effective and accurate in diagnosing conditions like asthma, shingles, liver disease, and urinary tract infections. Its powerful visualization of symptoms and diagnostic data further sets itself apart. Ada's significant contributions to global health have garnered numerous accolades, including the "Technology Pioneers" award from the World Economic Forum in 2020 and several other prestigious honors. As a major player in digital health, Ada supports healthcare systems, providers, insurers, and governments and aids pandemic responses, underscoring its commitment to healthcare innovation and public well-being.

11. Welltok

A digital health platform focused on population health management, offering personalized health programs, incentives, and analytics to engage individuals in managing their health and well-being. Welltok's CafeWell is a revolutionary digital health platform, reshaping the healthcare landscape by optimizing population health management. It leverages an individual's data, including age, health status, and motivational factors, to offer personalized health benefit optimization. The platform steers users towards health programs and resources that best fit their goals: healthy eating, managing chronic conditions, or finding affordable care. Through this, Welltok assists organizations in promoting better health outcomes and efficient resource utilization, lowering costs. 

The CafeWell platform isn't just a health tool; it's an engaging ecosystem filled with social, gaming, and personalization technologies. Delivered as a platform-as-a-service model, CafeWell boosts revenue growth, administrative efficiency, and healthcare value. Welltok owes its success to a wide-ranging portfolio of healthcare solutions, including nutrition, fitness, and smoking cessation. Collaborations with CafeWell Connect partners, like the American Heart Association and Fitbit, further enrich the platform's content and offerings.

12. Apple Health

A mobile app and platform developed by Apple that allows users to track and manage their health and fitness data from various sources, including wearable devices and third-party apps. Apple's digital health platform, Apple Health, is extending its range of health and wellness tools by introducing new mental and vision health features across the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Grounded in science and privacy, these features allow users to log their emotions and daily moods, providing valuable insights for enhanced self-awareness and emotional well-being. Alongside, vision health features promote behaviors that lower myopia risk. The mental health tool, supported by research from UCLA, aids users in identifying emotions to manage difficult feelings and improve resilience.

Furthermore, the Health app is now available on the iPad, aggregating health records from various institutions and facilitating richer patient-doctor conversations. The digital health platform supports the SMART Health Cards specification, allowing users to store verifiable COVID-19 vaccination records or test results. This initiative embodies Apple's commitment to actively empowering users to participate in their health journey.

13. Google Fit

A health and fitness tracking platform developed by Google, which integrates with various fitness apps and wearable devices to provide users with a comprehensive view of their activity levels, heart rate, and more. With the launch of Google Fit, a service set to aggregate data from various fitness trackers and health-related apps, Google is poised to redefine the digital health platform landscape. This innovative platform marks a head-on challenge to other similar digital health platforms. Google Fit is structured around four components: the fitness store, a cloud repository for data; the sensor framework, enabling effortless interaction with the fitness store; user permissions and controls for data privacy; and Google Fit APIs, which facilitate multi-platform applications.

Google Fit will leverage open APIs, allowing apps to exchange information, and is expected to announce collaborations with wearable device manufacturers. It aims to create an ecosystem where devices measuring health parameters like heart rate and steps can interface with Google's cloud services. This exciting endeavor underscores Google Health's commitment to creating technology solutions that empower individuals and healthcare teams, potentially revolutionizing how we understand and manage our health.

14. Omada Health

A digital care program that combines health coaching, behavior change support, and digital tools to help individuals adopt healthier lifestyles. It targets conditions like diabetes, obesity, and hypertension. Omada Health, a pioneering digital health platform, is committed to empowering individuals to achieve sustainable health goals through innovative virtual care solutions. This approach is grounded in clinical protocols and behavioral science, focusing on chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and musculoskeletal disorders. Outcomes-based pricing sets Omada apart, as the company earns based on participants' weight loss and engagement, encouraging a daily routine of weigh-ins and active interactions. Real-time monitoring by health coaches and data scientists enhances participant support and ensures personalized care. The effectiveness of Omada's model is demonstrated in a recent study where participants lost 4-5% of their body weight within 16 weeks and sustained the loss for two years, reducing their risk of developing diabetes. Omada further emphasizes its commitment to delivering valuable results and transparently showcasing its impact by sharing de-identified aggregate progress reports with partners.

15. Medisafe

 A medication management platform that helps users track their medication schedules, receive reminders, and manage their prescriptions. It also provides personalized health tips and integrates with pharmacy services. Medisafe®, a leading digital health platform, has revolutionized the patient care model by delivering personalized, real-time support for treatment management. Leveraging advanced technology and behavior science, Medisafe provides an integrated, patient-focused experience, enabling individuals to control their healthcare journey. The platform caters to over 10 million registered patients and caregivers and offers holistic care experiences by educating, reminding, and coaching patients throughout their treatment journey. 

With its cutting-edge JITI technology, Medisafe proactively extends patient engagement, ensuring connectivity within a patient's care network. By infusing patient support programs with technology, Medisafe has improved health outcomes, managing an impressive two billion medication doses through iOS and Android devices. This innovative digital health platform is powering patient engagement and redefining the future of digital patient care by emphasizing transparency, guidance, and personalized treatment management.

16. Doximity

A professional network for healthcare providers that allows them to connect, collaborate, and communicate securely. It also offers telemedicine capabilities and a job board for medical professionals. Doximity is a leading digital health platform designed as a professional networking service for medical professionals. It can loosely be called "LinkedIn for doctors," which provides a treasure trove of curated medical news and telehealth tools and facilitates case collaboration. Its sleek and intuitive UI allows seamless communication with colleagues and offers HIPAA-compliant tools for securely contacting patients without compromising personal contact information. Despite being exclusive to healthcare professionals, the platform continuously improves based on user feedback, signifying its dynamic evolution. Above all, Doximity aims to combat common healthcare issues such as miscommunication and handoff errors. With its commitment to maintaining confidentiality and security through encrypted text messages and non-recorded calls, Doximity is a crucial tool that transforms a smartphone into a "mobile medical office." It stands as a testament to the power of digital technology in enhancing healthcare communication and operations.

17. 23andMe 

A direct-to-consumer genetic testing company that provides individuals with genetic information related to health, ancestry, and traits. It offers insights into inherited conditions and personalized health recommendations.  23andMe is a pioneering digital health platform specializing in direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic testing services. Their mission is to enable people to access, understand, and benefit from the human genome. With a robust digital infrastructure that supports operations in all 50 states, 23andMe leverages cutting-edge technology to analyze biological samples (saliva) collected via at-home kits. They compare customer data to their extensive reference dataset, facilitating a personalized understanding of ancestry and genetic markers and providing insights into potential health issues. Having served over 11 million customers, they boast the world's largest crowdsourced platform for genetic research.

Moreover, they are the only company holding multiple FDA authorizations for genetic health risk reports. Recently, 23andMe has shown significant interest in integrating genetics with primary care, underpinning their commitment to transforming healthcare experiences. Their platform's distinctive features, such as free and fast delivery of prescription medications through their own pharmacy, further emphasize their innovative approach to digital health solutions.

18. One Medical 

A membership-based primary care platform that combines in-person and virtual care. It offers convenient appointment scheduling, telemedicine visits, and 24/7 access to healthcare providers. One Medical, a digital health platform, has disrupted traditional healthcare, offering a unique blend of online and offline services that improve efficiency, convenience, and access. As membership-based primary care provider, it has revolutionized the healthcare landscape with a digitally-driven, human-centric model. Its platform provides 24/7 access to health care services, simplifying patient-provider interactions. Patients can easily connect with healthcare professionals via text or video calls, manage health records, and schedule in-person appointments at over 70 convenient locations. This seamless transition between digital and physical realms makes healthcare less daunting and more accessible. 

Moreover, One Medical extends its innovative approach to workplaces through their Healthy Together program, helping employers navigate a safe return to work during challenging times. This digital health platform truly exemplifies digital innovation in healthcare, redefining patient experiences and setting a new standard for the industry.

19. Heal

Heal offers convenient and accessible healthcare services, particularly for non-emergency medical needs. It is an innovative digital health platform revolutionizing how medical care is delivered. As a pioneering digital health platform, Heal connects patients with qualified healthcare providers through a user-friendly app, enabling them to receive top-notch medical services from the comfort of their homes. With just a few taps on their smartphones, patients can request house call visits from experienced doctors and nurse practitioners, making healthcare accessible and convenient. This platform aims to address non-emergency medical needs efficiently, offering personalized consultations and diagnostic tests at the patient's doorstep. By leveraging technology and a vast network of healthcare professionals, Heal is reshaping the traditional healthcare landscape, providing a seamless and patient-centric approach to medical care delivery. Say goodbye to waiting rooms and hello to Heal, your reliable digital health platform for accessible and compassionate healthcare.

20. Verily

A subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. (Google's parent company), Verily focuses on developing technologies and platforms to improve healthcare outcomes. Verily's Onduo, a state-of-the-art digital health platform, is transforming the management of chronic conditions, notably type 2 diabetes and hypertension. The platform recently showcased at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions, demonstrated significant improvements in glycemic control and cholesterol levels in patients with type 2 diabetes. Onduo integrates technology and healthcare expertise to deliver precision care that empowers users to manage their chronic conditions better. The easy-to-use app gathers comprehensive data from self-reporting, medical devices, and payor-provided sources, facilitating personalized approaches for chronic care management.

 A peer-reviewed study confirmed marked benefits in blood glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight management. Onduo's success is underpinned by its whole-person approach and emphasis on social determinants of health. As a solution backed by Verily, a company born from Google X, Onduo brings together clinical expertise and advanced technology and data analytics capabilities, reinforcing its position as a leading partner for health plans in chronic condition management.

21. Babylon Health

A platform that offers virtual consultations with doctors, AI-based symptom checking, and personalized health monitoring. It aims to provide accessible and affordable healthcare services. Babylon Health is a leading digital health platform pioneering in digital-first primary care services. The platform combines artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual clinical operations to connect patients with healthcare professionals, ensuring a seamless care experience. Babylon Health's platform facilitates virtual doctor’s visits, provides actionable clinical insights, and guides users through the labyrinthine healthcare system. This AI-powered service breaks down access barriers by integrating clinicians, specialists, care teams, and advanced technology into a comprehensive care ecosystem. The objective is to make an affordable, accessible health service for every person globally. Babylon's AI, designed around a doctor's brain, empowers medical professionals to work faster, enabling quick symptom assessment and treatment. With patient consent, the AI system learns from anonymized health data, aiding in triage decisions, symptom diagnosis, and health predictions. The platform's innovative work, evidenced by over 20 peer-reviewed papers and 30 patent groups, is revolutionizing healthcare delivery, making it an industry game-changer.

22. Doctor on Demand

A telemedicine platform that allows users to consult with board-certified physicians, psychiatrists, and other healthcare professionals via video visits. It provides on-demand access to medical advice and treatment. Doctor on Demand, an innovative digital health platform, revolutionizes patient-first healthcare. It connects patients with a diverse range of certified medical and mental health professionals, delivering an integrated approach to virtual healthcare. With a focus on accessibility and affordability, it caters to various health concerns, including chronic health conditions, mental health issues, preventive wellness checkups, and more. 

In partnership with Included Health, Doctor on Demand offers personalized care navigation and advocacy, extending its services from acute to chronic, and behavioral to physical care. Its free assessment screens for anxiety and depression, offering a gateway to comprehensive support for numerous mental health conditions. Furthermore, the platform empowers patients to handpick their therapists or psychiatrists while providing round-the-clock appointment scheduling. A distinct feature is the provision of an integrated care team, which tailors treatment plans to individual needs. By raising the standard of healthcare, Doctor on Demand epitomizes the true potential of a digital health platform.

23. Vida Health

A digital health coaching platform that offers personalized programs for managing chronic conditions, mental health, and overall well-being. It combines human coaches with technology to support behavior change. Vida Health, a leading digital health platform, offers an innovative and comprehensive approach to managing health challenges by seamlessly integrating mental and physical care. The platform boasts an array of programs, including two of its most popular, focused on treating Type 2 Diabetes and mental health conditions. According to a recent study accepted by JMIR, the Vida Health diabetes program has successfully lowered HbA1c values from pre-enrollment baselines, with an impressive average reduction of 1.5-2 points in A1C. 

Vida Health stands apart through its emphasis on one-to-one coaching, designed to help patients prevent and manage an extensive range of chronic conditions, from anxiety and depression to asthma and Type 2 Diabetes. Vida Health's pioneering approach underscores the potential of digital health platforms to provide personalized, integrated care for diverse health needs.

24. Propeller Health

A digital health platform focusing on respiratory health management, particularly for individuals with asthma and COPD. It includes connected devices, mobile apps, and data-driven insights for better self-management. Propeller Health is an acclaimed digital health and therapeutics leader for chronic respiratory diseases like asthma and COPD. The mission of Propeller Health is to empower people with chronic conditions to manage their health better, enabling an improved quality of life. Propeller's comprehensive digital health platform employs FDA-cleared medical devices, consumer apps, and clinical data access, delivering a personalized and supportive experience for patients and caregivers. The platform features Bluetooth® connected inhaler sensors for real-time medication tracking, adherence reminders, and an informative smartphone app. According to recent studies, it extends healthcare providers' reach and promotes better outcomes for underserved populations. Propeller Health's sophisticated platform, utilized across the US, Europe, and Asia, benefits patients, providers, payers, pharmaceutical companies, and various healthcare organizations, emphasizing a harmonious blend of technology and human touch in healthcare.

25. Amwell

 A telemedicine platform that provides on-demand video consultations with healthcare providers, including doctors, therapists, and specialists. It offers virtual visits for various conditions and supports remote monitoring. Amwell, a comprehensive digital health platform, revolutionizes healthcare delivery through telemedicine. By connecting patients with healthcare professionals via live video consultations, Amwell offers convenient and accessible treatment for over 50 common health conditions, from acne to Alzheimer's. Although unsuitable for emergency scenarios or severe conditions like cancer, it can provide second opinions and routine health checks. Besides general healthcare, its services include urgent care advice and psychiatric aid. To use Amwell, patients must create an account, select their health insurance provider, choose payment options, and create a profile. Though online therapy research is nascent, available studies show promising results, with online sessions improving depression and anxiety symptoms, enhancing patient satisfaction, and reducing costs. With its broad service range, Amwell stands out as a user-friendly and effective digital health platform.


Our exploration of these 25 digital health platforms has proven that healthcare services are evolving rapidly with technology at the helm. As we transition into a digital age, these platforms demonstrate how access to healthcare services, patient engagement, and overall medical management can be dramatically improved. It is clear that each digital health platform brings something unique to the table - be it an intuitive user interface, cutting-edge AI capabilities, or robust data privacy measures. As patients, providers, and stakeholders, we should continuously explore and adapt to these technologies, as the perfect digital health platform may be just around the corner. With health at our fingertips, it's an exciting era that shows promise for a more empowered, knowledgeable, and health-conscious society. With this, we conclude the first of the two-part blog on various digital health platforms.

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