Top Digital Therapeutics Platforms

Mansha Kapoor
September 1, 2023

As digital devices become more ingrained in our daily lives, a transformative shift is unfolding in healthcare. The emergence of comprehensive digital therapeutics platforms offers a holistic approach to mental well-being, knitting together various services into one integrated application. These platforms present manifold opportunities for healthcare professionals and patients, enabling the former to scale services and the latter to utilize them unhindered. 

These digital therapeutics platforms do more than just connect – they harness the power of combined data, promoting evidence-based methodologies and enabling nudge-based interventions. Such sophisticated features enhance patient outcomes and embed robust data privacy measures through secure, unified channels.

Fusing 5G, AI, AR, and VR technologies with these platforms opens unparalleled possibilities, including real-time assessments, continuous monitoring, and interactive interventions. It even goes into a virtual therapy room and envisages AI-driven nudges, prompting timely health interventions. 

This blog will delve deep into some of the leading digital therapeutics platforms revolutionizing healthcare. Together, we'll explore how they are reshaping the landscape, ushering in a future where health support is more accessible, efficient, and cutting-edge.

1. Mahalo Health 


Mahalo Health is revolutionizing the future of clinical research with its forward-thinking Rapid Digital Therapeutics (DTx) Development Platform. Envisioning a world where a digital app complements every medication, Mahalo aims to enhance patient compliance and empower physicians to prescribe DTx apps for managing and reversing chronic conditions. The emerging trend links chronic diseases to behavior and lifestyle, emphasizing that while pills can't modify behavior, DTx apps can. Mahalo's digital therapeutics platform stands out as the only scalable solution for driving behavior change, offering researchers the essential building blocks for studies centered on behavioral modification. 

With Mahalo, researchers can launch their studies swiftly, sidestepping the delays and costs of custom software development. The platform comes with a robust set of tools for customization, and its cloud infrastructure meets all regulatory and compliance standards. Pharma and MedTech companies can efficiently bring new DTx solutions to market without reinventing the wheel. 


2. 2Morrow Inc

2Morrow Inc. is a trailblazing digital therapeutics company emphasizing action toward meaningful change. In a social milieu dominated by distractions, they offer various health and well-being programs that holistically address patients' needs. Their dynamic digital therapeutics platform, the 2Morrow Health app, empowers patients with chronic conditions through evidence-based digital therapies designed to improve outcomes and quality of life. Beyond disease management, 2Morrow provides telehealth services, including video consultations and online portals. Their patient engagement solutions, complemented by clinical decision support tools, ensure patients and providers remain interconnected.

A distinguishing feature is their "Healthy Mind and Body" initiative, which offers a comprehensive approach to wellness by blending seven digital health programs. Whether managing stress, weight, sleep, or combating chronic pain and tobacco use, participants are backed by behavioral health strategies rooted in acceptance and commitment. Additionally, the support of dedicated coaches helps participants navigate life's challenges and prioritize their well-being. 


3. Akili Interactive

Akili Interactive pioneers a groundbreaking digital therapeutic platform to address cognitive impairments and disorders in patients, leveraging cognitive neuroscience and cutting-edge consumer technology. Their patented Selective Stimulus Management Engine (SSME™) is meticulously crafted to target neural systems crucial for attentional control, marking a paradigm shift in neuropsychiatric treatment. The SSME™ technology addresses conditions like ADHD, ASD, MS, and MDD. A standout creation built on this platform is EndeavorRx®, an FDA-approved prescription video game. Designed for children aged 8-12 with primarily inattentive or combined-type ADHD, EndeavorRx® is the inaugural FDA-cleared product of its kind, reinforcing Akili's commitment to providing engaging, high-quality therapeutic interventions through the guise of entertainment.

4. Click Therapeutics

It creates digital therapeutics platform to address various mental health and neurological conditions. Click Therapeutics, Inc. is at the forefront of developing Digital Therapeutics™, software-based prescription treatments for patients with unmet medical needs. Their interventions foster change in individuals and can complement or operate independently from biomedical treatments by harnessing cognitive and neurobehavioral mechanisms. Their flagship smoking cessation program, validated by a pioneering clinical trial, is now accessible nationwide. Further strengthening their portfolio, Click’s lead prescription initiative for Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) is undergoing a pivotal remote trial on the Verily platform. Backed by their Clickometrics® adaptive data science platform, which continually tailors user experience for maximum engagement and outcomes, Click is expanding a robust digital therapeutics pipeline for conditions like MDD, Schizophrenia, Chronic Pain, and more. 

5. Omada Health

The company focuses on chronic disease management through digital interventions. Omada Health, a pioneer in digital therapeutics, has revolutionized the approach to managing obesity-linked chronic conditions like type 2 diabetes, positively impacting over 120,000 prediabetics. Omada has broadened its horizon by incorporating digital musculoskeletal care led by licensed physical therapists, highlighting the evolving potential of digital healthcare. With numerous physical therapy centers shuttered and elective surgeries on hold, individuals with chronic knee and back issues face challenges. Omada addresses this gap, offering timely solutions for those experiencing acute conditions like sprains. Having begun with diabetes prevention, Omada ventured into diabetes, hypertension management, and mental health. The recent inclusion of physical therapy solidifies its position as a leading all-inclusive digital therapeutics platform. Amidst the pandemic's challenges, Omada's expansion marks a significant stride in redefining holistic digital healthcare for the future.

6. Happify Health

Happify provides digital therapeutics platform for mental health and well-being. Happify Health is a pioneering global healthcare platform that integrates digital interventions to address mental health and its broader implications on overall well-being. Grounded in theoretical approaches such as cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness-based stress reduction, and positive psychology, it offers gamified evidence-based therapeutic activities tailored to specific concerns, like loneliness. Their revolutionary product, Ensemble, is the premier transdiagnostic prescription digital therapeutic specifically designed for Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) and Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) patients. Prescribed by clinicians, Ensemble, accessible via smartphone or computer, empowers patients to manage their anxiety and depression by altering negative thinking patterns and building constructive habits. It uses CBT techniques to enable patients to recognize and rectify detrimental thought processes, ensuring lasting improvements in their mental state. The overarching vision of Happify Health is a tech-driven future where personalized care leads to enhanced mental, physical, and overall health outcomes. 

7. WellDoc

WellDoc specializes in digital therapies for diabetes management. 

Welldoc, a pioneering digital therapeutics platform, is transforming chronic care management by integrating real-time, personalized insights into individuals' daily lives. As the first digital health entity rooted in life science and validated by randomized clinical trials, Welldoc merges advanced mobile tech, AI, and behavioral insights on a unified platform. This platform fosters enhanced personal health choices through AI-driven coaching, enabling patients to make informed daily decisions. For care teams, access to real-time data ensures timely, knowledgeable interventions, enhancing patient communication. 

Moreover, health plans benefit from an in-depth understanding of their population, refining chronic care programs and outcomes. The platform supports multiple conditions and comorbidities by connecting diverse devices and data sources, analyzing multi-dimensional health data, and translating these for various diseases. At its core, Welldoc's industry-leading AI, underpinned by the IDEA Framework, aims to Inform, Discover, Extrapolate, and Adapt, ensuring actionable insights for all users.

8. ResMed

ResMed offers digital solutions for sleep disorders and respiratory conditions. ResMed is a pioneer in cellular integration in CPAP devices and leading in daily remote patient monitoring with over 15 million cloud-connectable devices. ResMed leverages its technology and health expertise and successfully reaches over 100 million lives in its digital health network. Its digital therapeutics platform aids in streamlining healthcare outside of traditional hospital settings, optimizing outcomes, and curtailing costs. Its integrated ecosystem, which extends to other systems, magnifies the positive impact. Key offerings include AirView™, a secure cloud system that revolutionizes the management of sleep-disordered breathing, and ResMed myAir™, an interactive online program boosting patient compliance rates from 70% to 87%. The ResMed ReSupply™ is an easy and efficient way to manage a comprehensive resupply program that helps patients stay comfortable and receive the full benefits of their therapy. AirView for Ventilation introduces advanced features transforming ventilation patient management. Additionally, Propeller Health, with its connected medication sensors, enables asthmatic and COPD patients to manage their conditions better, providing clinicians with real-time data for enhanced care.

9. SilverCloud Health

SilverCloud Health provides digital mental health programs for various populations. SilverCloud Health, a premier product by Amwell®, is a testament to digital mental health care advancements. SilverCloud offers a robust digital therapeutics platform trusted by over 500 global organizations to address the mental health needs of their communities. The platform's efficacy is bolstered by randomized control trials and feedback from over a million users, making it an industry leader in engagement and clinical program range. SilverCloud’s offerings span a broad spectrum of mental and behavioral health needs. For overall well-being, it offers tools focusing on stress, resilience, and the unique challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Its specialized programs also address conditions like depression, anxiety, insomnia, and chronic issues such as diabetes and chronic pain. Moreover, it focuses on family mental health with dedicated programs for supporting anxious children and teens and guidance for early parenting. SilverCloud is revolutionizing how we perceive and handle digital mental health care with an all-encompassing approach.

10. Virta Health

Virta Health focuses on metabolic health and offers a digital therapeutic for type 2 diabetes. Virta Health presents a pioneering digital therapeutics platform aiming to reverse type 2 diabetes and prediabetes without resorting to surgery, calorie-cutting, or added medications. This comprehensive treatment is accessible via a smartphone app, integrating a ketogenic diet intervention with physician-guided medication management. To ensure personalized care, patients receive support from a dedicated health coach, essential diabetes testing supplies, and ketone and body weight monitoring tools. The platform is enriched with on-demand resources like videos, game-based learning, diverse recipes, and dietary guides, fostering user engagement.

Furthermore, patients can tap into a private online community for shared experiences and support. In collaboration with the VA (U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs), Virta launched a pilot project for Veterans, boasting a promising 84% success rate in achieving improved glycemic outcomes within 90 days. While the project's data awaits publication, an independent study has signaled the platform's potential benefits. Continued evaluations will solidify the program's impact and advantages in the healthcare sector.

11. Biofourmis

Bifourmis develops personalized software-based therapies for multiple medical conditions. Biofourmis is a pioneering global digital health company transforming the healthcare sector with its innovative digital therapeutics platform. Leveraging its Biovitals Platform, Biofourmis employs advanced AI-driven analytics to predict clinical complications in advance, enhancing patient safety and optimizing healthcare outcomes. The platform's predictive analytics notify clinicians of potential clinical deteriorations, enabling early interventions. Since 2022, the company has notably expanded its offerings, from establishing a technology-enabled care delivery system to building an extensive library of digital biomarkers. Their groundbreaking achievements include developing care pathways for over 70 clinical conditions, launching an in-home services ecosystem, and integrating with major EHR systems like Cerner and Epic. Serving across 25 states, Biofourmis now boasts a remarkable track record, overseeing remote care for over 100,000 patients globally and gathering a rich data repository with millions of data points daily. This cohesive approach underscores their commitment to delivering precise, personalized care to patients, regardless of their location.

12. CogniFit

CogniFit offers cognitive assessments and training programs for mental health. CogniFit introduced its digital therapeutic platform as a groundbreaking tool for researchers and families. This platform gives researchers a comprehensive suite of measurement and analysis instruments, enabling precise cognitive function assessment and analysis. Simplifying data collection, management, and participant tracking, accelerates research and enhances patient comfort. You can unveil the effects of cognitive stimulation through specialized programs, tailoring interventions for specific cognitive domains.

The CogniFit Family Platform empowers families with a neuroscientific approach. You can uncover its strengths and potential deficits through neuropsychological tests, leading to personalized cognitive stimulation programs. The progress and evolution of each family member's cognitive journey can be closely monitored. With over 20 cognitive skills evaluated online, the platform offers insights into cognitive states, enabling personalized training based on standardized scores. It is an engaging brain-training tool for all age groups, recognized globally by scientific and medical communities. From researchers to families, CogniFit provides a revolutionary path to cognitive understanding, stimulation, and growth, making it an invaluable choice for enhancing cognitive well-being.

13.TrialCard (Mango Health)

Mango Health provides a digital platform to improve medication adherence. TrialCard Incorporated has unveiled Mango Health's version 2.0, a groundbreaking mobile platform that revolutionizes patient support in the healthcare industry. TrialCard acquired Mango Health, a digital therapeutics platform, and pioneered a fusion of branded patient assistance with cutting-edge digital health solutions. Integrating patient support into individuals' daily lives addresses the evolving demands for consumer-centric care. This innovation comes as a response to the challenges posed by traditional biopharmaceutical-sponsored support models. Mango Health empowers patients throughout their healthcare journey through mobile devices, from the initial prescription to daily management and adherence. It ensures holistic care by offering a unified space for health tracking, medication management, and on-demand access to financial, clinical, and educational aid. The latest iteration of Mango Health's platform, now part of a comprehensive patient support program, is poised to enhance the launch of a novel oral oncolytic. This transformative approach fosters trust, engagement, and a profound understanding of patients' experiences, setting a new benchmark in personalized healthcare solutions.

14. Noom

Noom focuses on digital interventions for weight management and behavior change. Noom, Inc. is a prominent player in the digital therapeutics market, renowned for its top-tier solutions spanning weight management, diabetes prevention, and stress reduction. Notably, it received grants from the National Institutes of Health and pioneered the first CDC-certified diabetes prevention mobile app. Their innovative digital therapeutics platform extends beyond weight loss, with the launch of "Noom Mood," targeting various conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and sleep issues. Noom calculates individualized daily calorie needs by considering age, weight, and goals. The platform integrates psychology, technology, and group therapy, offering a curriculum rooted in CBT and mindfulness-based stress reduction. Human coaches foster personalized support and accountability, while Noomers navigate a color-coded food system and engage with daily quizzes and articles. With a proprietary psychological model, Noom identifies behavior patterns for positive transformations. Through AI-driven personalization, Noom achieves impressive results, with 64% of users shedding over 5% of body weight and 60% maintaining it for a year. This evidence-based approach solidifies Noom's unique position in the market. 

15. Big Health

Big Health, a pioneer in digital therapeutics platform for mental health, has achieved a significant milestone by integrating its anxiety solution, Daylight, and insomnia solution, Sleepio, into the Evernorth Digital Health Formulary. This collaboration expands access to evidence-based, non-drug interventions for anxiety and insomnia, catering to a broader audience through employers and health plans. With clinical approval and rigorous user experience vetting by Evernorth, Big Health's offerings bring clinical-grade alternatives to medication and talk therapy, filling crucial gaps in mental health care. Sleepio delivered clinical improvements for 76% of insomnia patients, while Daylight aided 71% of anxiety patients in controlled studies. Access to specialized pharmacists for medication-related queries complements the offerings. Clients like Aramark can now seamlessly include Daylight and Sleepio in their benefits packages, bolstering their commitment to promoting positive mental health. This breakthrough collaboration exemplifies Big Health's mission to democratize quality mental health care through accessible, safe, and effective digital solutions.

16. Kaia Health

Kaia Health is a pioneering digital therapeutics company offering a transformative self-management program for musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions. This innovative program draws on multimodal rehabilitation (MMR) principles, an evidence-based approach encompassing tailored physical exercises, relaxation techniques, and pain education. Accessible through a user-friendly mobile application, Kaia Health's digital therapeutics platform employs cutting-edge technology, including artificial intelligence and computer vision, to dynamically customize and personalize the user experience. The program's adaptability ensures alignment with individual needs and progress. In collaboration with medical experts, Kaia Health combines interdisciplinary digital strategies to empower individuals to take charge of their MSK health. Accredited health coaches further enhance this journey by providing essential support. With remarkable results, the company has demonstrated a 136% pain reduction and significant improvements in anxiety, depression, and stress—outperforming standard-of-care treatments. By offering effective, non-pharmacological alternatives at a fraction of the cost, Kaia Health is revolutionizing MSK pain management while prioritizing accessibility and user-centricity.

17. Cognoa

Cognoa is revolutionizing pediatric care with its innovative digital platform for early autism diagnosis and treatment. The company's breakthrough app, powered by AI, enables primary care pediatricians to swiftly identify autism signs in children within their offices or remotely. This early diagnosis of the ailment marks a significant departure from the norm, which involves time-consuming referrals to specialists. By gathering input from caregivers, parents, and healthcare providers through questionnaires and video uploads, Cognoa's app delivers accurate diagnostic aids to physicians. Notably, the digital therapeutics platform demonstrates high accuracy across diverse demographics. Cognoa's precision health platform applies machine learning and predictive analytics to offer personalized care for early childhood neurodevelopmental interventions. With its recent FDA Breakthrough Device designations, Cognoa solidifies its position as a leader in pediatric behavioral health, challenging the current late diagnosis norm. Through a single platform encompassing diagnostics and therapeutics, Cognoa empowers clinicians to make informed decisions promptly, ensuring more effective treatments for children.

18. Ginger

Ginger offers virtual mental health coaching and therapy through its platform. Ginger, a leading digital mental healthcare platform, has unveiled an innovative solution for adolescents aged 13 to 17, aptly named "Ginger for Teens." This extension of their primary digital therapeutics platform offers a comprehensive range of mental health support, including digital self-care resources, behavioral health coaching, therapy, and psychiatry, all easily accessible through a smartphone app. Recognizing this age group's unique mental health needs, Ginger has curated educational content encompassing vital topics such as mood management, identity, and sexuality. Coaches and clinicians are specifically trained to work with teens, ensuring a supportive and understanding environment. The service extends its benefits through parental engagement, enrolling young users via invitations from eligible parent members. Parents receive bespoke solution support to guide their child's care journey, including insights into the care team and its rhythm. Initially available to select employer clients, Ginger plans to roll out this offering to all partners and members, guided by feedback from a dedicated "Teen Advisory Council." Ginger's commitment to addressing adolescents' mental health underscores its mission to provide inclusive, confidential, and holistic support to users of all ages.

19. CureApp

CureApp pioneers the frontier of medical innovation by seamlessly blending technology with therapeutics, revolutionizing healthcare as we know it. Committed to the vision of accessible, high-quality medical care for all, CureApp introduces a transformative approach through its Digital Therapeutics platform. This evidence-based system develops medical programs that yield therapeutic effects via technology, addressing the limitations of conventional treatments and the unmet needs of lifestyle problems. Its major stride is the groundbreaking CureApp HT, the world's inaugural government-approved digital therapeutic for hypertension. This innovative app has earned insurance coverage since September 1, 2022, signaling a historic moment in healthcare. Not resting on its laurels, CureApp extends its reach with ascureDr for Smoking Cessation, an online platform facilitating access to therapeutic apps for smoking cessation. Through these pioneering efforts, CureApp dismantles barriers, propelling us closer to a world where technology enriches medical treatment, transforming lives globally.

20. Tata Elxsi TEcare

Tata Elxsi's digital therapeutic platform enhances patient care through intuitive engagement, connected medical devices, and seamless coordination among healthcare providers. The cornerstone of the platform lies in multidisciplinary patient care, leveraging AI and Machine Learning. The solutions use the latest technology to revolutionize engagement and treatment across Hospitals, MedTech, and Pharma. Their digital therapeutics platforms, like TEngage and TEcare, offer a dynamic ecosystem. TEngage pioneers omnichannel care delivery, while TEcare facilitates Digital Therapeutics (DTx) for disease prevention, management, and treatment. These platforms facilitate synchronous and asynchronous communication, integrating diverse data sources through customizable APIs. With 50+ technology components, they address various healthcare use cases, including Digital Therapeutics, Telemedicine, and Remote Monitoring. These platforms uphold data privacy and security, aligning with HIPAA, HITECH, and GDPR standards.

Additionally, Tata Elxsi's offerings extend beyond patient care with solutions like TEmpower, a patient assistance solution, and TEDREG, a global regulatory intelligence platform. The latter empowers businesses to navigate evolving compliance landscapes efficiently, fostering proactive regulatory functions. Through their innovative solutions, Tata Elxsi reshapes healthcare engagement and treatment paradigms for a more interconnected and patient-centric future.

21. Elektra Health 

Elektra Health is a pioneering women's healthcare platform that removes the stigma surrounding menopause. With a resolute mission to empower the 50 million women navigating menopause in the US and countless others worldwide, Elektra offers a groundbreaking, evidence-based approach to education, care, and community. This segment of female health has long been neglected due to societal taboos, a fragmented healthcare landscape, and inadequate investment. The platform provides an all-encompassing, proprietary care ecosystem that comprehensively supports women at every juncture of their healthcare journey. By connecting women with specialized women's health experts, akin to "menopause doulas," through personalized 1:1 video and text interactions, Elektra crafts tailored care plans addressing individual needs and symptoms. Beyond this, the platform boasts over 100 hours of expert-curated educational content and a confidential, moderated peer support community. Anchored in states like Florida, Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York, Elektra's subscription-based model allows women to access telemedicine visits with gynecologists and nurse practitioners. Moreover, the impending "Meno-morphosis" subscription program is poised to revolutionize ongoing support for women undergoing menopause, commencing with a symptom-focused assessment and culminating in a personalized wellness plan crafted in collaboration with registered nurses.

22. Xealth

Xealth revolutionizes healthcare with its pioneering platform, seamlessly integrating digital assets and programs into the clinical workflow. Physicians and care teams gain effortless access to an array of digital tools, from patient education materials and remote monitoring data to engagement platforms, all aggregated within the EHR. This consolidated approach streamlines vendor integration, distribution, and patient enrollment while ensuring comprehensive oversight and analytics for care teams and IT departments. The uniqueness of Xealth lies in its ability to centralize disparate digital care assets, irrespective of the vendor, promoting activation, engagement, and operational efficiency for healthcare systems. The digital therapeutic platform SMART on the FHIR ( Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) app bridges the gap between digital health vendors and clinical workflows, leveraging custom data and analytics for meticulous tracking and evaluation. Remarkable figures, including 12 million orders, engagement of 100,000 providers, and outreach to two million patients, underscore Xealth's impact. Clinicians can now seamlessly integrate, prescribe, and monitor digital health tools, propelling patient engagement and utilization via the secure Xealth platform – a transformative step toward the future of healthcare.

23. Livongo

Livongo Health, a pioneer in digital therapeutics, proactively empowers individuals with chronic conditions to manage their health through its behavior change platform. The company offers personalized health signals, revolutionizing the way data is utilized. Unlike traditional approaches, Livongo shifts away from fear-based tactics, focusing on enabling users to lead their lives while managing their conditions effectively. By deciphering health signals like blood pressure, glucose levels, and weight management, Livongo synthesizes clinical insights and tailors them to individuals, utilizing consumer behavioral science for motivation. A unique blend of data science and clinical interpretation sets Livongo apart. Collaborating closely with health systems, medical professionals, and data scientists, Livongo ensures a seamless flow of feedback. Its partnerships with medical device and pharma industries strengthen its ecosystem, endorsed by FDA-approved devices. Recognizing regulators as a valuable part of the digital health landscape, Livongo remains committed to instilling consumer confidence.

24. Propeller Health

Propeller Health's precision digital therapeutic platform is a groundbreaking solution to empower individuals with chronic respiratory diseases like asthma and COPD. The platform revolutionizes disease management by combining FDA-cleared medical devices, intuitive consumer apps, and personalized coaching. Utilizing small sensors affixed to inhalers, patients seamlessly track medication use through a smartphone app, receiving valuable insights and feedback to enhance self-care.

Propeller's integration of BreezoMeter's real-time air quality data is a crucial innovation, enabling correlations between medication usage, symptom flare-ups, and environmental triggers. The platform's predictive intelligence alerts users about unfavorable conditions, promoting proactive actions to safeguard their health. Clinical data sharing with healthcare providers ensures tailored monitoring and medication optimization. Propeller Health's impact is substantiated by peer-reviewed studies showcasing improved patient outcomes, cost savings, and enhanced quality of life.

With remarkable clinical success, the platform demonstrates a phenomenal reduction in asthma attacks, improvement in medication adherence, and a significant decrease in emergency department visits. This holistic approach fosters a win-win scenario, benefiting patients with more symptom-free days while equipping healthcare providers to manage chronic respiratory diseases more effectively. Propeller Health's digital therapeutic platform assures personalized, proactive care for chronic respiratory conditions.

25. Prosoma

Prosoma stands as a pioneering force in Digital Therapeutics for oncology, forging a unique path toward enhancing the lives of cancer patients. Seamlessly blending medical expertise and cutting-edge technology, the company has meticulously crafted a suite of personalized software solutions that cater to the holistic needs of each patient. The acclaimed Living Well App leads its portfolio, which guides patients through the intricate journey from diagnosis to recovery. This digital therapeutics platform empowers adults dealing with cancer, caregivers and survivors alike, alleviating stress, anxiety, and depression linked with the condition. Its multifaceted utility works as a complementary aid to treatment and a standalone intervention. It encompasses diverse domains such as emotional regulation, cognitive reprogramming, and practical behavioral activation. The platform recommends at least three weekly sessions, each spanning 15-20 minutes. Living Well seamlessly incorporates exercises like mindfulness, breathing techniques, and imaginative engagement. Complementing its instructional prowess are a suite of supplementary resources ranging from articles to podcasts, bolstering a united front against cancer's challenges. The app crystallizes into chicken soup stories and shared wisdom, binding patients together in their quest for improved well-being. Currently embraced by healthcare insurance in Germany, Prosoma's aspirations extend to securing comprehensive coverage across the healthcare landscapes of the US, UK, and Poland, cementing its status as a global beacon of healing innovation. 

26. Riva

Riva Health has pioneered a revolutionary digital therapeutics platform for the cardiology industry. Using mobile devices, patient data, and advanced predictive analytics, it facilitates clinicians in delivering tailored therapies for hypertension and heart disease management. Patients can easily monitor their blood pressure with a smartphone. The app uses a flashlight to record the reading, which can be recorded by placing an index finger over the camera. This innovative approach not only empowers patients in their health management but also enhances access to vital health monitoring globally. It is understood that with Riva, a digital therapeutics platform is being introduced for cardio-vascular diseases per se, like having a doctor on your phone. Beyond just blood pressure, the platform can infer additional health insights, offering vast possibilities. Furthermore, it aids healthcare providers by capturing crucial data between clinical visits, offering unparalleled analytics, and simplifying chronic care workflows.

27. Headspace Health

Headspace Health is revolutionizing mental healthcare accessibility. Their flagship app, Headspace, offers many mindfulness tools, from meditations to sleepcasts, designed for daily life. This dedication to wellness extends to enterprise solutions that meld digital experiences with a human-centric approach. Members benefit from comprehensive services such as coaching, therapy, and psychiatry, available 24/7. This multidisciplinary model ensures members receive dynamic care tailored to their needs. Additionally, by emphasizing mental well-being, Headspace Health aids companies in fostering a culture that destigmatizes mental health, promoting a welcoming work environment. Their commitment to comprehensive wellness is further underscored by the acquisition of Shine, a wellness app boasting self-guided content and daily meditations for its 45,000 subscribers. Together, they aim to reshape and enhance global mental health practices.

28. Sweetch-Health

Sweetch stands at the forefront of digital healthcare, pioneering a unique approach to patient care through its digital therapeutics platform. Harnessing the power of Just-In-Time Adaptive AI, the platform seamlessly integrates behavioral science, artificial intelligence, and emotional intelligence to deliver hyper-personalized health recommendations. Especially beneficial for chronic patients, such as those battling diabetes, Sweetch connects directly to essential devices, like blood glucose monitors, to provide timely and context-aware advice on medication, nutrition, and lifestyle adjustments. From pharmaceutical giants to individual healthcare providers, Sweetch offers a myriad of advantages. It heightens treatment adherence and amplifies patient support programs, fostering enhanced brand loyalty. With additional features like comprehensive remote patient monitoring, in-depth data insights, and stringent security protocols aligning with HIPAA and GDPR, Sweetch isn’t just revolutionizing patient care. It’s redefining the essence of holistic healthcare, ensuring every individual's health journey is understood, supported, and optimized.

29. Lark Health

Lark Health, a pioneering digital therapeutic platform, offers a holistic solution for managing and preventing chronic diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and behavioral health issues. Using conversational AI, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and integrated health-tracking devices, Lark delivers 24/7 personalized health coaching, aiding nearly 2 million users in achieving significant clinical outcomes. The platform's smartphone-based application translates real-time health data into actionable insights via a text-message interface, allowing immediate and tailored feedback. Beyond its AI-driven approach, Lark's unique strength lies in its seamless integration with health plans and employers' existing infrastructure, ensuring expansive and cost-efficient care. As a result, Lark Health empowers individuals to take control of their chronic conditions and offers scalable solutions for health organizations, making high-quality care more accessible and affordable.

30. Sidekick Health

Sidekick Health has pioneered a gamified digital therapeutic platform to enhance healthcare outcomes for patients with chronic diseases and conditions. This innovative platform offers personalized behavioral nudges, such as lifestyle recommendations and medication reminders, to bolster traditional clinical treatments. It partners with international pharmaceutical firms, healthcare providers, and payers to create a user-friendly health platform. Sidekick's unique system eliminates the need for disjointed solutions by synchronizing interventions for people with multi-chronic conditions within one platform. Emphasizing a hyper-personalized approach backed by clinical evidence, it boasts high retention and user satisfaction. The platform provides evidence-based, custom digital therapeutic packages for diabetes, ulcerative colitis, and smoking cessation. With the challenges brought about by COVID-19, Sidekick has expanded its reach to support patients affected by the virus, demonstrating adaptability amidst growing demand for digital care. Its user-friendly design caters to a wide age range, from teenagers to octogenarians, and is compatible with various connected devices.

31. Vida Health

Vida Health, a pioneer in the digital therapeutics platform space, offers a comprehensive approach to chronic disease management by merging behavioral science with advanced technology. The platform addresses physical and behavioral aspects of health conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, and depression. Recognizing the challenges faced by those with multiple chronic conditions, Vida's solutions—like "Vida for Diabetes" and "Vida for Behavioral Health"—integrate one-on-one coaching, licensed therapy, interactive lessons, and connected devices. Their evidence-based approach has achieved notable results, including a 7% weight loss in prediabetic participants and a significant reduction in depression and anxiety symptoms. Collaborations with prominent entities like eBay, Cisco, and Duke University School of Medicine support Vida’s progressive work on a holistic health journey. Vida Health is revolutionizing how employers and patients tackle comorbidities and overall health by seamlessly blending the human touch with digital precision.

32. Dario Health

DarioHealth Corp. is a pioneering force in digital therapeutics (DTx), revolutionizing chronic condition management through its user-centric digital therapeutics platform. By seamlessly blending data analytics, personalized interventions, and one-on-one coaching, DarioHealth empowers individuals battling diabetes, hypertension, weight issues, musculoskeletal pain, and behavioral health concerns. This platform transcends the conventional episodic healthcare model, affording users continuous, tailored care for sustained behavioral change. By holistically addressing multiple chronic conditions, DarioHealth's AI-powered platform redefines care, emphasizing person-centered wellness over single-condition management. Noteworthy partnerships with American Well Co.'s telemedicine platform and Sanofi amplify DarioHealth's impact, with proven reductions in healthcare resource utilization and hospitalizations. Integrating its cardiometabolic solution with Amwell's platform, poised to reach 90 million individuals and 2,000 health plans, further underscores DarioHealth's potential for substantial future revenues. In the confluence of life sciences, behavioral science, and software technology, DarioHealth reshapes healthcare, where the digital therapeutics platform acts as a transformative catalyst for enduring health outcomes.

33. Mahana

Introducing Mahana IBS, a groundbreaking FDA-approved digital therapeutic platform developed by Mahana Therapeutics for adults grappling with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). This prescription-only Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) program offers hope for IBS sufferers on a transformative journey toward relief. With a maximum out-of-pocket cost of $90, the program spans 12 weeks, comprising ten sessions that promise to alleviate IBS's burdensome symptoms.

Crafted as a mobile app or web-based platform, Mahana IBS is the outcome of nearly two decades of labor by King’s College London researchers, exclusively licensed by Mahana in early 2020. Backed by a Randomized comparative effectiveness trial involving 558 patients, the program provides profound insights into the brain-gut connection. Users engage for at least 10 minutes daily, absorbing educational lessons on the intricacies of their condition and meticulously tracking their symptoms. Through this process, they learn to rewire unhelpful thoughts and behaviors, ultimately achieving symptom management.

Mahana IBS is a beacon of hope and empowerment, embracing patient insights and expert collaboration to offer personalized, clinically validated support. In bridging the mind-body gap, Mahana Therapeutics paves the way for a brighter, more comfortable future for IBS patients.

34. Rocket VR Health

Rocket VR Health, now rebranded as Novobeing, is at the forefront of digital health, pioneering stress management, and well-being through virtual reality. The digital therapeutics platform provides users with immersive experiences, enhancing traditional therapeutic interventions with the unparalleled immersion of VR. By transporting users to serene digital environments, they experience reductions in stress markers like blood pressure and heart rate. Beyond solo experiences, Rocket VR Health emphasizes human connection, offering live support sessions where users can find community and shared understanding. They provide on-demand therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy games, and guided meditation. With personalization at its core, Novobeing ensures that each VR session resonates deeply with the user, combining meditation, breathwork, and multisensory experiences for optimal mental health benefits.

By offering immersive well-being experiences and cutting-edge digital therapeutics, Novobeing empowers individuals to navigate stress, discover clarity, and embrace their optimal selves. The platform's immersive mental health solutions transcend passive experiences, engaging users as active participants in their healing journey. Novobeing's offerings range from mindfulness meditations to interactive cognitive behavioral therapy games rooted in evidence-based treatment protocols. The platform fosters community through live support groups, nurturing personal growth, and mutual encouragement among like-minded individuals. Nature-inspired VR environments, personalized activities, and soothing music are integrated to enhance users' sense of presence and relaxation, ultimately promoting their physical and emotional well-being

35. MedRhythms

MedRhythms is at the forefront of revolutionizing neuro-rehabilitation through its cutting-edge digital therapeutics platform. Rooted in the intersection of music, neuroscience, and technology, MedRhythms utilizes the power of Neurologic Music Therapy to restore lives threatened by brain injury. Their innovative approach employs rhythmic auditory stimulation (RAS), leveraging synchronized auditory-motor entrainment to trigger neuroplasticity and enhance motor neuron response. This digital therapeutic system combines music, sensors, and software to target neural circuitry precisely, offering interventions tailored to sensorimotor, speech & language, and cognitive goals in patients affected by neurologic injury or disease. With an active digital therapeutics pipeline, MedRhythms aims to tackle diverse neurological conditions such as Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, and Parkinson's Disease. By fostering evidence-based clinical care, research collaborations, educational initiatives, and partnerships with leading medical institutions, MedRhythms aspires to lead the charge in implementing Neurologic Music Therapy across the US, elevating the quality of life for countless individuals impacted by neurological challenges.

36. Blue Note Therapeutics

Blue Note Therapeutics, a pioneering prescription digital therapeutics company, is unwavering in its mission to aid patients in living fuller lives despite their cancer-related distress. At the heart of its endeavors is a state-of-the-art digital therapeutics platform designed to make mental health care universally accessible to every cancer patient, irrespective of location. By harnessing the power of technology, this platform provides evidence-based therapeutic interventions right to patients' mobile devices, tackling conditions like anxiety, depression, and the fear of cancer recurrence. Rooted in rigorous clinical research and close collaborations with premier cancer research centers, Blue Note's offerings, like BNT200, serve as beacons of hope. Specifically, BNT200, categorized as software as a medical device (SaMD), targets the psychological stressors that adult AML patients face during high-intensity induction chemotherapy. By aligning its content with the treatment regimen, BNT200 seeks to mitigate the profound emotional toll borne by these individuals, marking a significant stride in holistic cancer care.

37. Lyra Health

Lyra Health, a pioneering digital therapeutics platform, revolutionizes mental health care by seamlessly connecting patients to expert providers. By leveraging clinical insights and advanced machine learning, Lyra offers a personalized matchmaking process that considers patient symptoms, preferences, location, gender identity, and the most effective treatments tailored to individual needs. This sophisticated real-time matching system mirrors the efficiency of platforms like Uber and Lyft but is fine-tuned to navigate the intricacies of mental health conditions. Recognizing that no two patients are alike, Lyra promotes evidence-based treatments like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for anxiety and depression and Motivational Interviewing (MI) for substance use disorders. Their belief is apparent: a generalized approach or leaving patients to chart their therapeutic journey alone could lead to suboptimal or absent care. 

The platform's tech-enabled capabilities allow more in-depth data collection from those seeking care and fuel continual refinement. Insights gathered to aid in evaluating provider quality, understanding treatment efficacy, discerning appointment time preferences, and pinpointing prevalent issues. With Lyra, pursuing mental well-being is collaborative, precise, and data-driven.

38. Modern Health

Modern Health's digital therapeutics platform is a comprehensive solution tailored to address the diverse mental well-being needs of the global workforce. This innovative platform integrates the WHO well-being assessment, granting members instant access to self-service wellness kits, certified coaching, and therapy sessions in 35 languages. With a focus on proactive care, Modern Health utilizes a clinically-validated self-assessment to design personalized treatment plans, ensuring each individual receives apt care—ranging from digital resources like guided meditations and CBT information to in-depth therapy—their proprietary technology guarantees rapid engagement, with members connecting to care providers in less than a day. The platform guides enterprises worldwide, destigmatizing mental well-being conversations and ensuring timely, effective intervention. Through its blend of digital healthcare resources and expert care, Modern Health addresses immediate concerns and provides tools for preventive care, ensuring all-around mental health support.


Digital therapeutics platforms have paved a transformative path in contemporary healthcare. Their emergence has offered cutting-edge solutions tailored to various ailments, from Irritable Bowel Syndrome and autism to rheumatism and cancer. Their reach goes beyond just physical ailments. These platforms have been instrumental in bridging the gap in mental health management, providing essential tools for those battling depression, anxiety, and other conditions. The integration of technology in therapy not only amplifies the efficiency of treatment but also democratizes access. These platforms revolutionize patient care by providing personalized, accessible, and innovative interventions. As technology evolves, we can expect digital therapeutics to reach heights where healthcare is more tailored, efficient, and accessible.


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