Top Smart Patient Alternatives & Competitors

Mansha Kapoor
September 12, 2023

In today's digital-driven healthcare landscape, platforms that keep patients informed and engaged are more crucial than ever. SmartPatient's widely acclaimed app 'MyTherapy' has set an industry benchmark in medication reminders and health tracking. But as the space grows, so does the number of contenders vying for the top spot. Many are introducing innovative tools to improve patient care, adherence, and overall health outcomes. While SmartPatient remains a household name, many alternatives are worth exploring. Dive with us into the world of digital health as we spotlight some of the leading competitors and alternatives of SmartPatient.

1. Mahalo Health vs. Smart Patient


In the evolving landscape of digital health solutions, Mahalo Health stands out as a formidable competitor of SmartPatient. With its intuitive SaaS platform, Mahalo Health empowers healthcare providers and patients, ensuring streamlined access to health data, appointment scheduling, and treatment plans. Mahalo Health is committed to creating patient-centric solutions, prioritizing user experience, and bridging the gap between technology and personal care. While SmartPatient has established its mark in the industry, Mahalo Health introduces a fresh perspective, incorporating the latest advancements in health technology with a touch of human connection. Mahalo Health is a compelling alternative for organizations and individuals searching for a reliable, user-friendly, and forward-thinking digital health partner. Dive into the future of healthcare with Mahalo Health and experience the difference firsthand.  

2. Sidekick Health vs. Smart Patient

Sidekick Health is paving the way in managing chronic diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, with its pioneering platform. A brainchild of renowned doctors, psychologists, and tech visionaries, the app is a singular solution for those with multiple chronic conditions and associated illnesses. Instead of juggling multiple treatments, Sidekick provides an integrated approach.

Central to Sidekick's philosophy is precision medicine. Each user journey is meticulously tailored, ensuring a personalized healthcare experience. This exercise isn't just about user comfort; it's a method rooted deeply in scientific evidence, promising user engagement and trust. It is undeniably a competitor of SmartPatient. Sidekick upholds stringent standards, always seeking evidence comparable to that in life sciences, which has led to partnerships with the world’s healthcare frontrunners.

In a recent ambitious move, Sidekick is broadening its horizons through an alliance with a leading U.S. healthcare provider. This venture promises the rollout of initiatives across at least five therapeutic domains, underscoring Sidekick’s dedication to enhancing health outcomes globally.

3. Voluntis vs. Smart Patient

Voluntis is a formidable competitor of SmartPatient in the rapidly evolving digital therapeutics landscape. Rooted in its advanced algorithmic solutions, Voluntis has carved a niche in enhancing the treatment regimen for those battling chronic illnesses such as diabetes and cancer. Their digital tools, Insulia and Diabeo, have already made strides in diabetes management, offering patient-tailored insulin dosing suggestions. 

However, their recent breakthrough comes with the FDA-approved Oleena, a trailblazing digital aide in oncology. Unlike generic solutions, Oleena provides cancer patients with customized recommendations for symptom self-management, seamlessly integrating remote clinician monitoring. This novel approach ensures contextually relevant guidance and promises optimized symptom management, making treatment more bearable for patients.

As Voluntis cements its presence with influential partnerships – including giants like Sanofi, Roche, and AstraZeneca – it's evident that its strategy combines clinical algorithm expertise with powerful alliances. Being a founding entity of the Digital Therapeutics Alliance further bolsters their position. In contrast to SmartPatient, Voluntis’ trajectory showcases an enriched product suite to deliver personalized digital healthcare experiences.

4. MediSafe vs. Smart Patient

In the healthtech industry, where digital health solutions are the byword, Medisafe is a formidable competitor of SmartPatient. Medisafe's platform, rooted in the synergy of technology and behavioral science, is trusted by over 10 million patients and caregivers. It oversees the management of an impressive two billion medication doses across major mobile platforms. The power of Medisafe's platform is further augmented by machine learning, enabling a uniquely personalized experience that has substantially improved patient outcomes. Medisafe's commitment to data security and quality is evident in its HIPAA, GDPR, ISO 27001:2013, and ISO 13485:2016 certifications. A significant leap forward for the firm was the introduction of its Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) technology, marking its determination to lead in the clinical management sphere. Under the guidance of CEO Omri Shor, Medisafe has not only met industry standards but has also anticipated the diverse needs of a rapidly evolving sector. With recent enhancements like Salesforce CRM integration and the Digital Document Exchange, Medisafe continues to position itself as a holistic solution, challenging industry norms and raising the benchmark in digital therapeutics and medication engagement.

5. HealthPrize Technologies vs. Smart Patient

HealthPrize Technologies is a robust competitor of SmartPatient. For over a decade, HealthPrize has empowered millions with chronic diseases to enhance their health outcomes, utilizing a unique blend of behavioral science and game mechanics. This approach encourages 6.43 weekly check-ins, amounting to over 60 minutes monthly, thus proving its ability to foster high-value patient engagement. Their programs, designed for adaptability across various diseases and dosing schedules, make medication tracking and disease education informative and enjoyable. The effectiveness is evident: HealthPrize has improved medication adherence, increased the proportion of days covered (PDC), and minimized therapy discontinuations in nearly 40 programs, as vouched for by partners such as Crossix and IQVIA. Complying with stringent industry standards, including HIPAA and HITRUST CSF, HealthPrize meets the rigorous data security demands of the pharmaceutical sector. Additionally, their templated interfaces and submission packages make it seamless for pharma brands to integrate. HealthPrize is a notable alternative to industry leaders like Smartpatient as the digital health landscape evolves.

6. Amalgam Rx vs. Smart Patient

Amalgam Rx, a prominent player in the SaaS-enabled digital health marketplace, has recently announced an enhanced global partnership with pharmaceutical giant Novo Nordisk for the extended commercialization of their app, Dose Check. This tool, designed to support type 2 diabetes patients using basal insulin, addresses the challenges and anxieties associated with insulin initiation and titration. The expanded agreement will see the integration of Dose Check with connected insulin devices, continuous glucose monitors, and EHRs, providing a comprehensive solution for patients and healthcare professionals. Furthermore, Novo Nordisk is deepening its commitment to the collaboration through an equity investment in Amalgam Rx. With this move, the company is set to pose a significant challenge to other digital health providers, making it a legitimate competitor of SmartPatient. "This partnership aims to simplify access to digital health solutions and promote personalized care for diabetes patients," noted Thomas Thestrup-Terp from Novo Nordisk. Ryan Sysko, CEO of Amalgam Rx, lauded the progress and the enduring collaboration with Novo Nordisk. Amalgam’s tools currently assist nearly 10 million patients across four continents, setting a new benchmark in digital health solutions.

7. Dawn Health vs. Smart Patient

Dawn Health is a pioneering force in the digital healthcare sector, positioning itself as a formidable competitor of SmartPatient. With a niche in Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) and Digital Therapeutics (DTx), Dawn Health seamlessly blends technological innovation with patient-centric empathy. Their distinct Dawn Platform is meticulously designed to fast-track the development of regulated digital health solutions, ensuring that every product meets rigorous safety and quality standards.

Rather than viewing compliance as a mere requirement, Dawn Health integrates it as a core ethos into its ecosystem. The platform’s modular design facilitates streamlined life cycle management, enabling swift product rollouts without compromising quality. Furthermore, the company’s innovative decision-support algorithms stand out, assisting Healthcare Providers (HCPs) navigate intricate decisions, especially for progressive diseases.

Endorsed by certifications such as ISO 13485:2016 and steadfast adherence to ISO 14971 for risk management, Dawn Health guarantees top-tier quality management. Its commitment to patient safety and the potency of its medical devices is unwavering. Through an agile and forward-thinking approach, Dawn Health is poised to shape the future of healthcare, challenging industry leaders like SmartPatient to reshape the digital healthcare paradigm.

8. BrightInsight vs. Smart Patient

BrightInsight is a prominent figure in the digital health sector, offering a platform that fast-tracks the launch of various digital health tools, from apps and medical devices to Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) across multiple therapeutic landscapes. Unlike traditional methods that involve building from the ground up, BrightInsight provides a pre-configured digital health platform, ensuring compliance with global security, privacy, and regulatory standards. Their impressive portfolio boasts collaborations with pharmaceutical titans like Roche, Sanofi, and Novo Nordisk. With a rich track record, they've supported Roche in rolling out a SaMD dosing calculator in Europe within six months and expedited the commercialization of a remote patient platform for a top Biopharma company in under a year. Their platform integrates API-based solutions, allowing data transmission from regulated medical devices while facilitating integration with electronic health records. Recognized by industry pundits at Frost & Sullivan, BrightInsight's combination of speed, compliance, and scalability cements its position as a formidable competitor of SmartPatient.

9. Twill vs. Smart Patient

Twill Digital Health Solutions is at the forefront of transforming the healthcare landscape with its state-of-the-art, digital-first care platform. Standing strong as a notable competitor of SmartPatient, Twill offers a personalized and configurable approach that caters to the distinct needs of various stakeholders, including employers, health plans, and patients. Central to Twill's innovation is the Intelligent Healing Platform™. This platform powers Sequences™, specialized digital-led strategies tailored for particular medical conditions.

Twill goes beyond traditional care systems by harmoniously integrating digital therapeutics, community-based care, and well-being products. Twill significantly reduces the gap between healthcare demand and provision using clinician-trained AI and in-depth data insights. The platform's holistic emphasis doesn't just target medical conditions and equips individuals with the resources to cultivate healthier life habits through scientifically supported activities. Integrating seamlessly with other platforms, Twill facilitates healthcare providers in maximizing their existing assets while guaranteeing top-tier, efficient care. In the race to make healthcare more intuitive, personalized, and universally accessible, Twill is undeniably a leading contender.

10. Click Therapeutics vs. Smart Patient

Click Therapeutics, a vanguard in the digital therapeutics sector, is revolutionizing the medical landscape by developing and commercializing prescription software treatments for individuals with unmet medical needs. This innovative biotechnology company adheres to FDA, ISO, and IEC standards and uniquely intertwines cognitive and neurobehavioral mechanisms to create its signature Digital Therapeutics™. These offerings empower patients to modify the foundational mechanisms of their diseases, focusing on the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that shape their conditions. Recent milestones for Click include establishing a high-caliber Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) to guide their expanding therapeutic domain and a noteworthy partnership with Altoida Inc., an AI firm advancing neurological diagnostics. With a foundational belief in the science of change, Click Therapeutics stands distinct in its commitment to enhancing patient outcomes beyond traditional pharmacotherapy, positioning itself as a formidable competitor of SmartPatient by presenting holistic digital treatment solutions in today's healthcare panorama.

11. Lumeon vs. Smart Patient

Lumeon, an emerging powerhouse in the digital health landscape, was recently lauded as the Best Care Orchestration Platform at the esteemed 2023 MedTech Breakthrough Awards. This accolade is a testament to Lumeon's commitment to revolutionizing the healthcare sector with its innovative care orchestration platform. Designed to alleviate the challenges of manual coordination, the platform seamlessly integrates real-time data from Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and other data sources. This integration, combined with deep clinical knowledge and intelligent automation, ensures that each patient receives personalized, timely care.

Operational in over 65 prominent hospitals and health systems across the U.S. and Europe, Lumeon's impact is tangible. Client testimonials report a whopping 66% increase in care team capacity and an 83% reduction in clinicians' charting time per case. These operational efficiencies, combined with a typical cost reduction of 20% per case, mark Lumeon as a leader and a game-changer in digital health.

With its achievements in a very competitive healthtech industry, Lumeon is a formidable competitor of SmartPatient. Lumeon's achievements and rapid advancements position it as a formidable contender, ready to reshape the future of coordinated care.

12. Mango Health vs. Smart Patient

Mango Health offers an innovative health app that promotes better medication adherence through gamification. Tailored for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users, it partners with healthcare stakeholders ranging from care providers to pharmaceutical firms, targeting improved patient engagement, clinical outcomes, and reduced healthcare costs. The app's user-friendly interface displays medication lists, alerts on potential interactions, dosing schedules, and earned points, all accessible from the main screen. With a focus on convenience, adding a medication merely requires details available on prescription labels. Daily reminders keep patients on track, with points awarded for compliance, later exchangeable for rewards like gift cards. Though the app doesn't mandate personal information, optional registration facilitates data access across devices. Given its engaging approach, Mango Health has the potential to resonate with users keen on gamified experiences, thereby enhancing medication adherence. This approach could position it as a formidable competitor of SmartPatient.

13. PillPack vs. Smart Patient

PillPack, an innovative pharmacy startup, aims to revolutionize the conventional pharmacy experience. Launched with support from design consultancy IDEO, PillPack offers a monthly subscription for $20, delivering prescriptions akin to Amazon Prime. Medications are organized in "dose packets, " replacing traditional bottles," clearly marked with intake timings. This ingenious system aids seniors with multiple bottles and benefits younger patients with chronic diseases, ensuring no missed doses. The package even includes custom infographics explaining each pill. While operating online, PillPack is a licensed pharmacy in 31 states, boasting a technical infrastructure used by robots for precision and efficiency. This mail-order model allows for effective stock management, focusing only on needed medications. Their digital presence, characterized by a user-friendly portal and app and impeccable customer service, sets them apart. Despite the array of services, customers pay just the standard co-pay. PillPack's revenue, around $15M last year, is generated mainly from health plan reimbursements. Given its advancements and unique offerings, PillPack emerges as a formidable competitor of SmartPatient, providing unique digital health solutions.

14. Montuno Software vs. Smart Patient

Montuno Software's "Dosecast" is a cutting-edge medication management app for Apple, Android, and Amazon devices. This innovative solution not only aids patients in tracking and maintaining their medication regimen but also empowers them to elevate their health through improved medication adherence. Dosecast, which stands out due to its intuitive and user-friendly interface, ensures that users never miss their medication. Central to its efficacy is a cloud infrastructure that provides real-time data on medication usage, helping identify patients at risk of non-adherence. Such data is invaluable for healthcare providers and health plans, offering them actionable insights to address potential non-compliance and reduce healthcare costs proactively. Additionally, with Dosecast, members can carry their comprehensive medication history, making clinical coordination seamless. This holistic approach makes Montuno Software's Dosecast a direct competitor of SmartPatient, underscoring its potential as a mobile medication adherence market leader.

15. TeleClinic vs. Smart Patient

In a world that's rapidly digitizing every sector, healthcare is no exception. Companies like TeleClinic and SmartPatient are at the forefront of this revolution, ensuring patients receive optimal care regardless of location or circumstances. 

These two giants emerge as leaders in digital health solutions, TeleClinic being a competitor of SmartPatient. TeleClinic isn't just another virtual health service; it's a comprehensive healthcare ecosystem that seeks to blur the lines between patients, doctors, and pharmacies.

TeleClinic's approach is rooted in accessibility. Its mission? Ensuring every individual can access world-class medical care regardless of where they are. Whether a minor health concern or an urgent medical consultation, TeleClinic's platform aims to be the sustainable first point of contact. From diagnosis to treatment and medication procurement, the journey is designed to be smooth and efficient, eliminating the cumbersome processes we've come to associate with healthcare. 

The era of waiting in long queues and filling out endless paperwork is making way for instant, efficient, and personalized healthcare. The future looks promising, with powerhouses like TeleClinic and SmartPatient vying for the top spot. 

The journey of healthcare is transitioning from the physical to the digital, and it's clear that with innovative platforms like these, patients are the real winners.

16. Vivy vs. Smart Patient

Vivy has evolved into a front-runner in digital health solutions, becoming an active competitor of SmartPatient. With its roots in Berlin and the backing of Allianz, the world’s premier insurance company, Vivy offers a comprehensive health management platform that's deeply personalized. Users embark on a unique health journey, feeding the app with personal information providing expert-crafted tools and insights tailored to their needs. Through advanced data analytics and real-time feedback, Vivy swiftly identifies health risks and navigates users toward the right choices. Whether you require specialized advice or immediate solutions like vouchers, Vivy promptly addresses your health concerns. The crux of Vivy's appeal lies in its ethos: Your data, your journey. Users have complete autonomy over their information, ensuring a secure, personalized, and efficient pathway to optimal health. Dive into the future of healthcare with Vivy, where every decision made is intelligent, swift, and solely yours.

17. CANKADO vs. Smart Patient

CANKADO is carving a niche in the burgeoning field of digital health applications, particularly with its emphasis on oncology. This internationally recognized research company prides itself on pioneering autonomous patient empowerment tools that function without needing healthcare professional intervention. At its core is an intuitive patient record system that employs AI-driven features. A daily smiley slider, inspired by the EuroQol Visual Analogue Scale (EQ-VAS), assesses patient well-being. Based on these readings, the system autonomously decides when to prompt patients with symptom questionnaires. Should symptoms of concern arise, it educates patients on the urgency of reaching out to their treatment centers. Unlike Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) platforms, CANKADO keeps healthcare professionals out of the loop until patients initiate contact. This system aims to arm patients with knowledge, preparing them for meaningful engagements with their medical teams. Moreover, with ISO 27001-compliant developments, CANKADO aims to harness AI's potential to predict and prevent severe medical events. As a competitor of SmartPatient, CANKADO is showcasing how tech-driven patient empowerment can be a game-changer in oncology.

18. Data4life vs. Smart Patient

Data4Life, or D4L data4life gGmbH, is a prominent player in the digital health sector, making it a competitor of SmartPatient. At its core, Data4Life is committed to leveraging health data for pivotal research in public health and personalized medicine. Their ambition is to foster a world where health data is seamlessly accessible for research, subsequently advancing prevention, diagnosis, and treatment methodologies.

One of Data4Life’s notable initiatives is the nationwide health research on post-acute sequelae of COVID-19, aiming for an ethnically and geographically diverse cohort. Their digital approach means that participants can contribute data, monitor their health, and potentially get feedback, all through a single platform. This all-in-all platform simplifies data collection and ensures real-time, accurate analysis.

Data4Life's software and platforms are designed to meet the highest data privacy and security standards, as evidenced by their ISO 27001 certification. Collaborating with global research institutions, Data4Life harnesses the latest in tech and medical expertise to ensure their platforms are both user-friendly and robust, making them a formidable competitor to others in the healthtech arena.

19. CareZone vs. Smart Patient

CareZone and SmartPatient are two significant players in the digital healthcare management landscape, each offering unique functionalities tailored for users who desire more streamlined medication and health management. CareZone, renowned for its comprehensive features, facilitates the easy organization of medical information, from medication schedules to doctor contacts. Its scanner tool simplifies adding medications, ensuring users input the correct dosage and timing details. Coupled with its digital calendar and journal, CareZone makes it hassle-free for patients and caregivers to stay on top of their healthcare responsibilities. On the other hand, Smartpatient, with its 'MyTherapy' app, specializes in medication reminders and health tracking, emphasizing a user-friendly interface and collaborative care. As competitors, both platforms have their strengths. Yet, while Smartpatient focuses mainly on creating a cohesive patient experience, CareZone caters to a broader audience, including those managing the health of loved ones. As the digital health industry grows, the rivalry between these platforms indicates the increasing demand for tools that make health management more accessible and efficient. Undoubtedly, CareZone is a competitor of Smartpatient.

20. Round Health vs. Smart Patient

Round Health, a leading name in the digital health domain, offers more than just medication reminders. Its unique approach to helping users manage their medications by utilizing a visually enticing circular representation stands out. This design not only ensures users complete their prescriptions but also promotes a sense of clarity and ease. The app also integrates features such as refill reminders and dosage tracking, making it easier for patients to stay on top of their health regimes. Moreover, Round Health prides itself on its adaptability, accommodating simple and complex medication schedules. Round Health, known for its user-friendly interface, offers a comprehensive medication management solution. It is particularly recognized for its unique design, reminding users to take their medications via a visually appealing circular representation, ensuring that adherence to prescription regimes is not missed. All of the above makes it a competitor of SmartPatient. 

In contrast, SmartPatient’s 'MyTherapy' app combines medication reminders with health tracking. While both applications strive to increase adherence to medical plans, Round Health's distinctive design and tailored features have positioned it as a favorite for many, seeking simplicity intertwined with efficiency.


In the dynamic landscape of digital health, SmartPatient is just one player among many aiming to make healthcare more accessible and patient-centric. From Mahalo Health to Medisafe, each platform offers distinct solutions tailored to different user needs. While Smartpatient enjoys prominence, the competition highlights the growing demand for comprehensive digital health tools. As technology continues evolving and integrating deeper into our daily health routines, users must stay informed about their options. Navigating this space can be overwhelming, but by understanding the strengths and capabilities of each competitor, patients, and providers alike can make informed choices about the digital tools they adopt. The future of healthcare is digital, and choice is its cornerstone.

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